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Sep 22, 2001
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New Sepultura video
February 3rd, 2003

For those Sepultura fans in dire need of a fix, click here:

Sepultura?s video for their cover of the U2 song ?Bullet the Blue Sky? has just hit the Internet. The cover of ?Bullet the Blue Sky? comes off Sepultura?s covers-only EP, called Revolusongs. The EP is tentatively scheduled for a late February/early March European release through SPV/Steamhammer Records.

In the meantime, Sepultura are down in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with produced Steve Evetts at the AR Studios laying down tracks for the band?s next full-length studio effort. The new album is eyeing a late spring/early summer in Europe trough SPV/Steamhammer, with a Japanese release on JVC Records and FNM/Universal Records handling the release in Sepultura?s native land of Brazil. The band are still shopping for a North American deal after their split with Roadrunner Records.

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