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It ended so well. I have much to say, but it'll have to wait because I need to sleep and then reflect on everything.

Right now, 6 definitely ranks with seasons 3 and 4 as my favorite in the show's extraordinary run. The flow and pacing of it was wonderful, an enormous improvement over season 5.

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I'm not quite to the end yet, but I will say that
The view from half-way down

is the best episode the show has ever done.

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Beautiful ending. Boj and Diane on the roof - an image and a conversation that I won't forget and I'm very satisfied with it. Sad and hopeful at the same time.

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Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
i feel like this season there was a lot less of the main cast interacting together, which is a bit disappointing. it felt like we would really only get two or three of them at most in one place, which i guess makes sense considering bojack is in rehab and diane is in chicago. but i do miss the dynamic of having all the main characters in the same place at the same time.

also, no more of pickles and mr. peanutbutter please, i don't care in the slightest little bit about their relationship. in fact i'm pretty done with mr. peanutbutter altogether, he just irritates me now 90% of the time.

i did love the arc about the assistants' strike, and judah appearing to save the day was probably one of the highlights of the whole season for me.

i can't decide if i like the idea of bojack going off to become a drama professor, or if it feels a little too easy for him to go through one stint in rehab and ride off into the sunset to be happy. knowing this show and the way the finale ended (which was easily the weakest episode of the season, for me) though it seems as if we're in store for some great reckoning in the last episodes of the series. .
pretty much every point i had here was resolved in a very satisfying way.

also, this happened in season 1 episode 3:

the amount of foreshadowing that the show had to its finale through the entire run is absolutely stunning.

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