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Originally Posted by GirlsAloudFan View Post

I take it you have a similar problem?
Yes, everything you said is exactly me except change 5 years to 18

I know I SHOULD quit but you have to want to quit to get the quitting process started.

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My Mother smoked from age 17 to age 56. She woke up one morning and quit cold turkey. My Dad says that living with her for the first month was easily the roughest month of their marriage in many years, but, she made it through and she has not once slipped up. My sister followed her example and quit soon thereafter. My Dad and I are both dorks and neither of us has ever even had a drag, and it's safe to say that neither of us ever will. We both have our own vices, though, like anyone else. Interference is a vice, yes?

People that don't smoke obviously have the same stresses that people that do smoke have, so it's always been hard to wrap my brain around why people need it as a stress relief. I guess it's mental, you tell yourself that you're stressed, you decide you need to combat that with a cigarette, repeat, etc. I don't reallly know. Maybe it goes beyond mental and is almost pavlovian. I likely eat too much when stressed, or snap at people (NSW that must mean you're stressed all the time...rolfcopter!).

I hope that the people in here that smoke and don't want to anymore are able to quit. And, if you smoke and really do not want to quit, well, kudos for at least acknowledging that.

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Originally Posted by No spoken words View Post
Maybe it goes beyond mental and is almost pavlovian.
Oh, it is Pavlovian without a doubt.

If I'm on a particularly long bender and I'm smoking more than I usually do, sometimes just the thought of going and pulling one out of the pack will cause me to cough. Literally. I will cough or gag just thinking about picking up the pack of smokes. Totally Pavlovian.

Also, on the issue of smoking in bars...

On my campus they used to allow smoking in ALL bars up until January of last year. It was just commonplace for people to be smoking inside the bar. When they passed the law banning that, I was PISSED. Very angry.

Now I don't mind the change at all. The people who legitimately don't want to be bothered by the smoke and who want the "clean air" are fine and all the smokers just head outside. And, actually, it's kinda nice because there's usually a big gathering of smokers outside the bar and we can chat and have a good time amongst our little gang of "outcasts"

I usually meet a new, interesting person every night at the bar just because we are outside sharing the experience of being banned from smoking indoors. And the people hanging out smoking outside are always a lot of fun because everyone known that smokers are cooler than everyone else.
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I am 48 years old and I have NEVER smoked....

I just can't see the appeal of putting dirty air in my lungs. It's like putting on a soiled pair of underpants or washing my face with mud.....not very pleasant....or healthy.

Also, is there a law that says that you HAVE to smoke and drink alcohol when you go to a club or bar? I believe that the social experience is being with my friends and enjoying good music and conversation. I don't have to have smoke blown into my face or be drunk to enjoy myself. I can have the same good time if I have a cola or an orange juice. The way I see it, if I need extra stimulants then that's an insult to my friends cos that would mean that I'm not happy enough with them.

I'm so glad that the Israeli authorities finally wised up and banned all smoking in all public last I can speak 2 sentences without having to wave my hands in front of my face.

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