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Question about religion. Please help!

Here's a quick question for anyone who feels like answering

I'll start with a little explanation of why I'm asking it. Basically, I wasn't brought up to believe in any particular religion - both my parents are agnostic and even though the school I went to was supposedly a Christian school, I didn't ever really take part in the religious parts of school. Anyway, just the last year or so I've started thinking more about what I believe in terms of religion/faith/spirituality/whatever you'd like to call it. And I guess I realised I actually believe in a "religion" although I'm not sure exactly what I'd describe it as.

Anyway, my question is basically: has anyone else grown up without any sort of faith, and then when they're older become part of a religion? And if so then how did you deal with that? I don't know who I can talk to about any of this considering that I've just never had any contact with any sort of religion. I feel really strongly as though I need to learn more about this, or actually be part of a religion, instead of just sitting in my room learning about it and thinking about what I believe alone. Only I don't know how a person would do that. I can't even really talk to my friends or my family because none of them have any sort of religion and they'd probably just think I'm going insane or something.

So...yes, if anyone has been in that situation, or just has something random to say about it then please reply because I am oh so confused right now. Thank-you lots


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I grew up in a very strict fundamental religious household. I left because after I grew up I found church to be the complete opposite of what I believed Jesus and God to be all about.

My step-brother, who for most of his life vowed there was no God, recently found Him.

Now he sounds like a Jesus freak, even to me with so much religion in my upbringing.

Just be balanced. Nobody likes getting religion shoved down their throats, but if you keep it personal and try to remain non-judgemental about others it will help.

You might want to avoid joining an official church, that's when the judgementality and divisions usually start.

I'd suggest a non-denominational bible study group with others just keen on reading and learning in general about God and faith as opposed to doctrinal interpretations. That should satisfy your desire to mingle with other believers. It should encourage personal expression of your own newfound belief tho. If the belief structure is too rigid or is tied to salvation (i.e. "if you don't believe exactly this you are not going to be saved") then run the other way.

In my opinion religion and spirituality/belief in God are not inextricably linked...I think one can be plenty spritual and in God's grace without necessarily belonging to a religion per se.

Just my two cents don't know how much that helps.

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i'd be glad to share my impressions, however i'm leaving for holidays in the next 24h so i'll just check my e-mails, no webstuff. If you want we can share e-mail addresses and talk about that.

allways on the move,
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Your post described my upbringing - raised in a household without religion, went to a Jesuit high school - four years of religious form but no substance, then in my early twenties, I came to faith in Jesus Christ.

I think you have alluded to two important aspects of growing in faith - study and fellowship with other believers (or corporate worship).

I've posted my experience in a few other threads. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask or PM me.

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