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I just want to add: Katey, I'm not saying this just to be mean to you or anything. I think you post a lot of interesting threads here, I'm really glad that you posted about the anniversary of Chernobyl and that you post so many threads about DATA/Jubilee/debt relief. I just really hate plagiarism and I honestly don't see the point in it, especially on a public message board. If you wanted to add to this thread, why not just type out your OWN opinion on Ireland? I mean who cares if it's not as well-researched or articulate as something written by a professional historian? (Not that that website was made by a professional historian, but you get the picture. )
Plagiarism.. urggh your right that was.. since that thread is closed I am reponding here.. I actually had meant for that to end up in quotes which would have made it not plagerisim but thats what happens when you get to many things on the go.. actually my sorry would be to the author.. being I write columns myself I do not enjoy plagiarisim.. But truthfully it finds itself it in those forum maybe a little more carefully covered up but all the same. Being that I do post articles here I find in the quotes I think you could give me a little more credit then thinking I wouldnt do so this time when it is easily checkable in the age of technology.. simply a misprint or error form me but call it what you will

anyway folks . my sorry for the typo and the copy on that comment.. Fizzing Whizzbees ( think I got that right) next time PM me maybe instead of trying to bring it out like that.. and I will be more careful with my posts

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Re: Plagiarism

Originally posted by Katey
since that thread is closed I am reponding here
Once a thread is closed, people are not allowed to start a new thread concerning an issue with the closed one. That defeats the purpose of the closure.

In the future, if a thread is closed and you feel that there is some unfinished business, please contact the people involved in private (PM, email, etc.). Thanks!
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