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Old 11-06-2002, 01:00 AM   #41
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Arun told me Canada was the Us' 51st state but the Queen just hasnt told em yet


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Get it straight you are the 13th provience but clinton didnt tell ya yet!

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Well the best person to tell you who i am is me. If you cant believe me about where i fall in the political circle then who can you believe?

I'll believe my own senses and experience. No conservatives rattle off lefty-lists like this:

"I'm sorry buddy but it wasnt our country that was attacked it was yours and good reasson we werent attacked, because not everyone hates us. We never trained the attackers how to fly, you did. We never let them into our country, you did. We didnt give Osama and the boys money years ago, you did. We did, however, let all the planes land in our country on 9/11. We did stand behind you in your war on terror. We did lose troops in the war on terror via your troops. We did speak out againist a policy that we seen as racial."

Lefties seem to train themselves to recite the "wrongdoings of the great Satan" like school kids recite the pledge of the allegiance.

I'm just calling a spade a spade. Sheesh.

I have no idea what you're talking about?

Then why the fuck are you in this disscusion. This is what we are talking about!!! This is what Pat is bitching about. Go and read an article about it. or GO NOW BEFORE YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT.

I had no idea what you're talking about because you posted this:
"I believe that when a country, any country, says that anyone from six countries could be photographed finger printed, and questioned and if they think they are terrorists can send them pack to their orignal place of birth. I guess you would think this is something that needs to be done so my country is safe. Well i'd like to inform you on something here the US doesnt own Canada. We make our own minds up. If we think our citizens might be deported because of your agenda we wont sit around. We will tell our citizens to not go to your country."

You see the first line in that? Does that make sense to you? I'm not sure if you were saying that you believe that any country that decided to fingerprint and question people from certain countries
"can send them pack to their orignal place of birth" or if that was something this country might do to those people and then you left the thought unfinished. You need to learn how to craft a proper sentence. That's part of why I was confused.

Then you said: "Sorry but if you decided to come to Canada, god forbid, and i found you to be kinda terroristy and i said nope buddy your not coming in, oh and your not going back to the US your going back to Iran."

Why the hell would Canada be able to tell me that I'm not going back to the US, I'm going back to Iran? If I was coming from the US, how can I be sent to Iran? Wouldn't I just have to remain in the US?

Then you said: "We make our own minds up. If we think our citizens might be deported because of your agenda we wont sit around. We will tell our citizens to not go to your country."

Ok, so if someone is denied admission to this country from Canada, they'll just remain in Canada. If they enter the country and then subsequently get deported for whatever reason, then won't they just return to Canada? What's this about not sitting around and letting your citizens be deported? Won't they be U.S. residents (or maybe even citizens) if they come to live here and no longer your citizens? Why be concerned about the ultimate fate of someone with has ties to terrorist organizations if their worst fate is returning to your country (not that being deported to Canada isn't a horrible thing )??

So, as you should be able to clearly see, your arguement is vague and silly. That's why I was confused. I know it's convenient for you to take a cheap shot. Most people prefer to actually make a valid arguement. It's a matter of personal preference.

Dear God, you Canadians seem to have national self-esteem issue. We tolerate you. You depend on our products too. Movies and TV are mostly produced here and you WATCH THEM. You love us, don't you? Don't you!?

Ya you tolerate us. But you try to get everything out of us that you need. You dont tolerate(ok i'm gonna stop using 'you' because i know enough americans and none of them are as arrogent and senseless as yourself) America doesnt tolerate us, they work with us just as what has happened.

Please don't try to group Canada along with the other third-world countries that we're supposedly screwing over on a daily basis. It's a mutual relationship and you know it. We're not abusing Canada.

Should i not be allowed into Britain because i support Sinn Fein and to a certain degree the IRA?

If you were shown to be a part of these groups or support their cause through donations, then YES!

Oh ya and by the way the thing everyone here is talking about that you have no idea what it is. Well the US gov't backed down and took Canada's advice and stopped what they were doing.

I hope I made it clear why I was confused. It was due to your silly arguement. I'm fully aware of the issues. Let's not assume that the US governs by Canada's suggestions. Again, self-esteem with them, please.
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Hope this has deteriorated enough for ya'll. It has for me.

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