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Old 07-30-2005, 07:43 PM   #21
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Originally posted by VertigoGal In the US, if you can manage to get accepted somewhere and you can afford it, you CAN become a doctor.[/B]
There is a limited number of available spots in medical schools in the USA.

There is a limited number of available spots in medical schools in Europe/Canada.

The only difference is that some US schools are private, some are public. In Canada and some European countries, they are only public.

But they both have a limited number of spots/availability, whether the number of spots is determined by the government indirectly (through funding) or by the schools themselves.

No difference at all except there's a tendency to make 'socialist' this ugly, scary word.

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As an Englishman, I hated Blair when he became PM. He basically reinvented the traditionally unelectable left wing Labour party into 'New Labour' which is actually right of centre. He stole the clothes of the Conservative Party who I (sadly I guess) had always voted for.

He fooled the UK people into thinking that things 'could only get better' and that his party would be 'whiter than white'.

However things in the UK didn't get any better...the hospitals are still filthy, crime is still rising and the problems regarding immigration are well documented. Thankfully for him, the Conservative Party managed to elect themselves a buffoon as leader and the UK people had no other alternative than to re-elect Labour. And again.

But there are two significant events that have completely changed my opinion of him (though he'd never get my vote)

Firstly the War on Terror. Whether you agree with him and Bush or not, you cannot doubt the bravery of standing up for what you think is right in the face of massive pressure and resentment.

Secondly, I think his sympathies towards the prblems of the third world have to be admired.

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That's right, there are a certain number of places available at medical schools in the U.S. Any medical school is going to only take a certain number of students. The competition is pretty cutthroat. There are a certain number of scholarships available in any program, but they're hard to get. It's got nothing to do with political or economic systems, it's this way all over the world.
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He's probably a pretty good PM all things considered, but he tries to be all things to all people, and that irritates me in politicians.

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