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Old 06-07-2002, 07:59 AM   #1
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Anyone else seen someone on or taking drugs?

..anybody? And if so did it freak u out? or not bother u, did u walk on by? Or seen anyone do it in a club?

I have and hell yea it freaked me out...............There was this huge club place past Larne called Kilwaughter House.........and my friend took me there few years back as many pple she knew went there.....and I love to I heard this place was huge. Kilwaughter House was well-known for druggies and stuff.................the following is the truth and Im not ashamed to say:

From the moment I walked in it really took a while to get used to the atmosphere..........u know, guys wherin little or wearin like 'glowin bin-bags (what ur Rubbish Man wears), and with them blowin on their whistles and lookin high and stuff - all this atmosphere started to freak me a little...........esp when ur a person who doesnt drink, smoke, or do any drugs......its harder to accept an atmostphere like that...........and the girls..........what can I say.........strong attitudes and lookin high too, being drunk.......I couldnt take it in very well.....

But after a good hour I was a bit more friend likes to attend these places, but doesnt dance, she luuuuuuuuvs the music but doesnt dance, however kept tryin to encourage me up on the stage where loads where wearin the white gloves and blowin into whistles and stuff ( I really would say this was 96 era as we all know early 90s had all this 'Hard Skool' music with robotic dancers and the whisles and stuff, plus ur granny gloves!!!! .) - cause she knows I love dancin...........but heres the thing.....we were standing at one point arms over a barrier seperating dance-floor from standin-floor, and there was this one guy, whose face I will never forget........I looked at him so close and he was like 'looking-at-me-but-not-all-there' and he was comin back and forth from me all hyped up and arms flingin like a mad thing..(I know, sounds a bit funny how I said that!)...his eyes were so wide, like saucers, and I saw him there and then pop another pill..........this started to freak me out.......that I genuingly had to move away.....I told me mate Id be 'back shortly' and went to the phone-box inside the entrance of the place...........crying, I rang my mum.

I dont care if any of u laugh at this but I said to my mum I was 'terrified, frightened' in this environment, I didnt know these pple at all, they didnt seem normal........I told her I was witnessin pple on drugs and when ur a sober person who wont loosen up unless ye got alchy in ya, then its a lot worse (is for me anyhow)...........I was crying quite a bit, but she told me to 'hang on in there' and was me......and hearin her voice made me feel better...........she did say to call again if I couldnt take it any more, (prob had plans to get a taxi home).......but mums, eh? What would ya do without make ya feel betta.....

So, I hung up and dried everthing up as fast as I could...........didnt want mate to know Id been through this...........I then struggled but learned fast to cope with these pple...........I then loosened my nerves up and started to dance, which released loads of tension, by the end of the night I was more settled..........but still on my guard against these pple..............I didnt want them near me...............

A few times after that we had went, each time I was more into it, but I mean that in the 'dance way' of 'it', not the to meet some of her mates who went...couple were druggies but not bad pple to chat friend even gave me her grannies white gloves to put on...this was so I could 'blend' myself in with the atmosphere without having to join their was something that made me feel comfortable in order to enjoy myself.............

And so there u have it...........I believe it was closed down due to the drugs being taken, Im not quite sure on the story, but it was long time ago I went, and truly my first time witnessin...

Another time, in another place I witnessed this couple............(and this place had tons of bodyguards in, it was a drug-intolerance place)........and what do I see them do to get high? He kisses her and as he does so I see his slip one into her mouth, then continue kissin a bit.......but Im sure she was aware as they were with each like......

Of course, of course most of u out there know more worse things happenin in how pple get high and stuff and prob think Im being immature over this......but Im sharin my side.......

That other place was closed down too.......................

Kinda sad, every place that closes down leaves a ghostly atmosphere/era.....

ah well, but anyone else have anything to share?????

*space edit

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Old 06-07-2002, 05:57 PM   #2
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ummm, how old are you?

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Old 06-07-2002, 09:29 PM   #3
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I have seen it many times. I am yet to figure out what is so "cool" about it.

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Old 06-07-2002, 11:58 PM   #4
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yes, my mother...
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a lot of kids go to school high and or drunk. that's not unusual at the high school i went to. or on special field trips or whatever, people would eat pot brownies/cookies before they left.

to be frank, some people were more pleasant high that normal. that's terrible indeed, but true.
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Old 06-08-2002, 12:48 AM   #6
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Originally posted by U2Bama
I have seen it many times. I am yet to figure out what is so "cool" about it.
my sentiments exactly.
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Old 06-08-2002, 09:01 AM   #7
The Fly
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I have some friends who are on drugs, but I never hang out with them while they're high.
I think it makes them act stupid. If I were on drugs I'd be embarressed to go out in public while I'm high.
I've never done drugs, I never will. But I'm not against anyone who does.
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Old 06-08-2002, 03:07 PM   #8
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Oh gawd yes, more often than not,lol. This is California, seems like its pretty hard to find anyone under age 70 who doesnt or who hant done drugs.
Ive seen it at school,parties,clubs,parks, at friends houses,in hotels(by the employees!Har!)...all over the place. Had many many friends affected by drugs, even killed a few people ive known.
Untill early February of this year, i never lived further than 3 doors down from a drug dealer, seriously.
One of 'em seemed to be a pretty big time dealer too.

Now i "just" live near porn stars
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Well tonight thank God it's them, instead of you...

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Originally posted by CannibalisticArtist
ummm, how old are you?
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I used to hang with a group of guys who did a lot of acid, pot, booze, and coke now and again. They were a very low-pressure group and loads of fun when not high. I grew out of them. Now most of them are reasonably productive citizens. The few who aren't were the heaviest users, which is probably why they used so much in the first place. No one I knew was a pill freak; those people are too unmanagable. Now no one I know does the hard stuff; one or two will smoke a joint occasionally, but I won't let them in the house because it stinks up the fabrics in the house. The drinkers are moderate drinkers, so that's not a problem. Plus, all of us are WELL past 21. I never went to clubs, so i never went through what you went through, maddie. That would scare the shit out of me now, and I'm older than you!
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Old 06-08-2002, 08:12 PM   #11
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I've seen people on drugs (speed and e) when I went to an after hour club.

My friends have taken those kind of drugs because they go to raves but I've never seen them under the influence of these drugs beccause I don't go with them.

The only drug I have ever taken with my friends is pot. I used to smoke it a bit more when I was younger but I have stopped because I saw how much a loved one changed after consuming and beind dependent on it. His behaviour changed so much since he started to consume pot daily and he started to do things that he would have never done before, and that scared me.
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Old 06-08-2002, 08:50 PM   #12
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yep, i too have seen many people take drugs and have been around one to many people who are high. However until last year I never saw anyone snort cocaine. I was at a nightclub in Atlanta with some friends and was freaked out to look over at a table and see two people snorting lines of cocaine right off a cd.
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Old 06-08-2002, 09:41 PM   #13
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I used to date a girl that was a heavy (near alcoholic) vodka drinker and speed addict. Really, glad not to be with her now! She's trouble and emotionally unstable! Can't deal with that drug shit!
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Old 06-09-2002, 01:04 AM   #14
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uh, the only drugs i've seen ppl on (that i know of) is pot. i generally distance myself from these things for the reason that i don't want to have anything to do with it. i'd be totally freaked too, maddie.
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Old 06-09-2002, 10:16 AM   #15
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i used to have a friend who was heavy pod smoker and sometimes on "special ocadios" she`d take something more serious. She was a close friend. Besides that I`ve seen high people on all the rock clubs\concerts I go to.

If we`re on the subject: Who tried?!
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Old 06-09-2002, 01:35 PM   #16
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mad, i have and it SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME. its something i would never ever consider doing, because, not to sound repetitive, it really scares the beejesus out of me!

Not conforming to any irish stereotypes with that remark!

seeing people on a high, champing their mouth and their eyes rolling in their heads.....
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Old 06-09-2002, 02:26 PM   #17
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I smoked some weedo a few months back.
It was interesting.
I don't think I'll do it again..I just get this clostrophobic feeling.
But at the moment its...interesting.

I remember the night...
I had had a good bit to drink as well combined with the drug. I was messed up!!
I was in a car with my friend and it was just me and her and I kept asking her if she had picked people up and why were there people talking and laughing in the back seat?!?! I learned my lesson.

Recently one of pals took some afedrin and smoked pot. Suffice to say it was not a pretty scene.

As for hard drugs...I've never touched it and never will.
A very good friend of mine and a cousin recently checked himself into a rehab center. Thats tough.
its tough on the friends and really tough on the family.

No good comes out of hard drugs...or any drugs really, I suppose.

My worst qualm with weed is not that it will kill you but that it tends to make people lazy and unmotivated - the "pot-heads" anyway. It really lessens your intelligence oer a long span of time.

Its weird what humans do to themselves to feel different. We're the only animals to do that I's say!
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Old 06-09-2002, 02:30 PM   #18
love, blood, life
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Whats really scary is that a couple of my friends have done E a few times.

I don't think people realize the awful effects that can have on a person.
Once saw a picture of a girl on E whose brain looked like chedder cheese...or whatever cheese has all those hole in it.
The holes went all the way through!!

After the first time, even, there is a scar left on the brain and if your planning on going into the airforce you won't get in, even if you took it years ago!
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Old 06-09-2002, 03:00 PM   #19
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here's a comprehensive site on drugs, it includes indivudual experiences, good and bad.
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Old 06-09-2002, 10:28 PM   #20
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Well I've never tried any drugs, except Marijuana which I don't consider a drug. It's a beautiful thing, special thing. Some of my friends have gone high to school, I did it once and did not really enjoy it. You shouldn't have to carry out responsibilities while high. Its boring. But being in public while high is obviously great, you'll meet people you'll never meet and you'll do things you'll never do. And laugh.

But, eh, enough. To answer your question, no.

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