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I generally find that the songs that affect me the most are the ones with a darker feel to them, as long as they're not whiny and not wallowing in self-pity.

With U2, while I can think of a few "fun" songs and many "joyful" songs, I can't really think of any outright "happy" ones... as Bono said, must be all that rain in Ireland,

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achtung2k - how is Beautiful Day sarcastic?

I for one think most of U2's love songs are sad...almost painful. Ex: So Cruel.

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Kid A
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if Beautiful Day is sarcastic, then I have totally missed the boat on U2
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Perhaps Acthung meant that because BD is about somebody who loses everything, yet dosen't care. I know it's not really sarcastic, maybe ironic was the intended word here.
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I have a wonderful Australian interview on tape of Bono and Edge talking about In a Little While.
Bono says it is about a hang over, or he wrote it when he had a hang over, or maybe he recorded it when he had a hang over..oh I dont remember!
However... its very funny because Bono starts to sing it in the studio and can't remember any of the words, so he sings "In a Little While blah blah blah blah"

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Old 04-14-2002, 01:20 AM   #6
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ok, i stand corrected.. beautiful day maybe not sarcastic, but the song, like z edge said, is about someone who loses everything and yet doesnt care... "sky falls and it feels like a beautiful day". Another example of dark or ironic songs making the best songs.
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Evil Love Songs

Have you guys noticed, especially off of ATYCLB, that the songs that inspire us and make us feel good abiout ourselves or loved ones... are actually the most depressing and sad songs? For example, "In a little while".. a song about a hangover, yet we interpret it as a man coming home to his wife (everyone can have their own interpretation). "Beautiful Day", a song that personally inspires me, is actually the most sarcastic song i ever heard, and "Stuck in a moment".... a song about getting out of lifes hardships, is actually what Bono likes to say.. "a little happy song about suicide". What's the point to all my ramblings? There is none, just curious on how U2 can sing about the most depressing and low feeling songs, and yet they come out as words of inspiration. Another reason why i love U2.

Am i the only one who has noticed this? Im sure there are more examples from the other albums, can you find anymore? And byu no means is this a "U2 bashing" post.. this is just to hightlight how so f-ing incredible they are.

"It's just a moment, this time will pass"

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