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damn euros lol

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Originally posted by Popmartijn

20 gallons, that's like 75 litres of gasoline.
A week!
If we take an average car it rides approximately 14 kilometres per litre, so that's 1050 kilometres per week (or roughly 200 per day). If your work is at a set location, that is quite a distance. But then that would be your choice, to live so far away from work, so there's less justification to complain. Either live closer to the city or find a job closer to home if you don't want to use that much gasoline.

If I can't complain about the cost of gas, then can I complain more about the sky high real estate market that prevents me from living closer to my job? If I take a job closer to home, then I can't afford to live in my current area. Anyway you look at it I'm getting screwed. We have to work, we have to live somewhere, and we have to buy gas...we just don't have to get ripped off doing it.

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Originally posted by bammo2
89.9 pence per litre

ie US$1.63 per litre

which is US$6.151 per gallon (there are 3.785 litres in a us gallon, righ? )
$1.28 AUD/litre
1 litre = 3.78 gallons...3.87 x 1.28= $4.83 a gallon, in Aus dollars.

No? That seems awfully high.

Ok, I can do this.

$1.28 AUD = 0.97 USD
So..0.97 x 3.785 = $3.67
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Someone on another forum who lives in California just posted that a few if the independent gas stations in his area have been closing. The reason? They have hand-written signs that say, "Closed. Can't afford to buy gas".

Imagine how bad things are going to get when the little guys go under and the only ones left are the big guys, and they take advantage by gouging.
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Originally posted by LivLuvAndBootlegMusic

All I'm saying is, you chose to work where you do and you chose to live where you do. Nobody makes you do anything.
Look, I don't complain about gas prices much because I need my car and that's that.

But this above comment is far too simplistic. Some of us do highly technical, skilled work which you can't "choose" to do anywhere. You work where your specific research group is! What is my alternative? To go work at a Domino's because that's more convenient? I have a specific specialization and I do a specific type of research which is rare and I cannot "choose" to do something else because a) I am not trained for it, b) I didn't spend that many years in school to do something else. As for living where I do, if you lived in one of the most expensive cities on the continent, and you worked in the most expensive area of that city, and relied on public GRANT money to get paid, you would not have a "choice" as to where you live because you could not afford to live in this neighbourhood. It's just that simple. A car costs me half of what a shithole apartment would within walking distance of my work. And that's why I don't complain about gas prices. But at the same time some of you seem to be under the impression that it's possible for all of us to make the alternative choices you have made. And that is just completely unrealistic for many people.
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I agree, but like you said, I've never heard you complain about gas prices.

The poster who I was replying to sounds like he wants to blame everything on everyone else and complain, complain, complain. All the moaning and groaning gets really old after a while, especially when all of us living in the States, no matter where we are or what we do, have it way better than those in Europe and other places. Everyone's in the same boat here and we'll all have to make sacrifices eventually. I'm cancelling my weekend plans b/c I can't afford refilling the gas tank, but that's life and I'll leave it at that. I'm more frustrated with the attitude that people shouldn't have to even consider alternative choices, like car-pooling, or a more efficient vehicle, etc. I know it's not realistic for everyone to move w/in walking distance of their job. It's more the woe-is-me attitude that gets on my nerves.

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