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(09-21-03) Achtung Baby One of 50 Greatest Album Covers -- VH1 *

VH1 Lists the 50 Greatest Album Covers

As part of its "Greatest" series, Saturday night VH1 premiered its list of the "50 Greatest Album Covers" with "Achtung Baby" ranking in at number 39. The show included an interview with Anton Corbijn and behind-the-scenes info on how the collage cover came to be. The channel currently has no plans to replay the special but check in with VH1.com for future air dates.

Image courtesy VH1.com

The complete list...

50. Hole: "Live Through This"
49. DMX: "Flesh Of My Flesh… Blood Of My Blood"
48. The Doors: "Strange Days"
47. System of a Down: "Steal This Album"
46. Christina Aguilera: "Stripped"
45. The Police: "Ghost In The Machine"
44. Green Day: "Dookie"
43. Johnny Cash: "American recordings"
42. The Red Hot Chili Peppers: "Blood Sugar Sex Magik"
41. Aerosmith: "Get A Grip"
40. Public Enemy: "Fear Of A Black Planet"
39. U2: "Achtung Baby"
38. Beck: "Odelay"
37. Supertramp: "Breakfast In America"
36. Van Halen: "1984"
35. Dixie Chicks: "Home"
34. Blink-182: "Enema Of The State"
33. Ol' Dirty Bastard: "Return To The 36 Chambers"
32. Rage Against The Machine: "Rage Against The Machine"
31. Korn: "Issues"
30. Cyndi Lauper: "She's So Unusual"
29. Marilyn Manson: "Mechanical Animals"
28. David Bowie: "Aladdin Sane"
27. Beastie Boys: "Licensed To Ill"
26. The Black Crowes: "Amorica"
25. Tupac: "All Eyez On Me"
24. The Go-Go's: "Vacation"
23. *NSYNC: "No Strings Attached"
22. Duran Duran: "Rio"
21. The Velvet Underground: "The Velvet Underground & Nico"
20. AC/DC: "Back In Black"
19. Bruce Springsteen: "Born In The U.S.A."
18. Prince: "Purple Rain"
17. The Sex Pistols: "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols"
16. Fleetwood Mac: "Rumours"
15. Lynyrd Skynyrd: "Street Survivors"
14. N.W.A.: "Straight Outta Compton"
13. KISS: "Hotter Than Hell"
12. No Doubt: "Return Of Saturn"
11. Bob Marley: "Catch A Fire"
10. Jane's Addiction: "Nothing's Shocking"
9. Snoop Dogg: "Doggystyle"
8. The Clash: "London Calling"
7. The Ramones: "The Ramones"
6. Led Zeppelin: "Houses Of The Holy"
5. Madonna: "Like A Virgin"
4. Pink Floyd: "Dark Side Of The Moon"
3. Nirvana: "Nevermind"
2. The Who: "Who's Next"
1. The Rolling Stones: "Sticky Fingers"

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That's really cool! I can't wait to see a rerun of this.

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I saw that.

That's cool that U2's in there (however, I think their album cover's better than *N Sync's, but...*shrugs*).

My only big complaint with this list: Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper, White Album...any of those ring a bell, VH1? I'm really surprised a Beatles album cover wasn't in here.

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I totally agree with you Moonlit. I was also suprised that not one Beatles album cover wasn't one this program, but I guess VH1 find some of their album covers even more eccentric than let say the Zeppelin cover for Houses of the Holy or something of that effect. Tell me if I'm wrong (which I am most likely am, very wrong. I like the Beatles too, everyone does).
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OK OK OK...hold up. Something's seriously FUCKED with this list, when Dark Side of the Moon does NOT get #1. It's by far the single most easily recognizable album sleeve ever created. By FAR. I bet you could even show the cover in Backshit, Somalia and someone somewhere would know what it was. This list has 100% lost credibility with me.

Fuck you, VH1.
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Yield by Pearl Jam

simplicity and serenity
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come on now... how can any list of greatest album covers not even include Abbey Road? Ahh but once again, the folks over at VH1/MTV are on their knees over Nirvana... Is there a more over-rated band out there? What did they really ever do? "10" was considered a bigger success than "Nevermind" at the time, so if Eddie Vedder had been the one to blow his brains out, would he be held in the same regard as Cobain? Baffles me
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nirvana # 3.

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i enjoyed watching this countdown. one of the few worth watching.
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46. Christina Aguilera: "Stripped"

Um, say what again?
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Originally posted by LarryMullen's_POPAngel

Um, say what again?
Yeah, my thoughts exactly!
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London Calling is the best album cover ever
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sticky fingers deserves to take the top spot. number two should have been the velvet's banana cover though.

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achtung baby

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