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When Love Comes To Town....

It was around 9:30 when the guys had finished working in the studio.They had been working since 8 on their new album which they were excited about. Adam had offered Larry a ride , but he passed being that it was nice nite out ,he thought that taking a ride on his bike inhaling the fresh air would help him relax.They waved good bye to each other and started off on their separate journeys. As Larry turned his way up to the park area ,which was a shorter way for him to reach home ,he noticed that there was another rider who also decided to enjoy the warmth they had that nite ,but unfortunately that person was having problems with their bike and being as kind as Larry was he couldnt just pass whoever it was by.He parked his bike not to far from the other rider, and went to offer his help.

"Hey ..... look like u need some help there," *Larry said as he calmly walked to the person*.

"I'm fine ," *the young woman replied as she tried fixing one of the bolts on the bike*

*Larry looked at the woman ,unable to see her face as her long brown hair mixed with gold shrieks tangled in the wind*

"R u sure????? I mean it's quite dark and I don't think u can see anything without a light,"

"I can see fine",......*the woman continued*

*Larry feeling really awkward *

"Look ma'am I was on my way home and I thought u needed help , why don't u just let me take a look at that for u , it's rather late I don't want u to stay here all nite by urself ,u never know who might show up,"

*Getting really annoyed about being harassed ,she finally stood up and looked at the man she was talking too*

"U mean someone like u?????, I told u I don't need ur help why don't u just get back on ur bike and go ur way ,"

*Larry scoped out the 5'3 woman who was dressed in all black leather*

"U don't have to get an attitude alright , if u don't want me to help u just say so , I don't need some female ignorance tonite,"

*She looked at Larry wanting to smack him so hard *

"Oh well excuse me.......... but I didnt wave u down when u were passing by , I didnt stop u nor ask for ur help u decided to stop by urself.....bet u were hoping that it could be some woman so that u could offer her a lift on ur bike ,take her back to ur place and have a lil fun *she looked at him* and I'm sure I'm right,"

*Larry looked at her ,his face turning red*

"U know what forget it , u don't want my help.. stay here and fix ur bike. Why should I even bother *he shrugged* it's not like I know u or anything,"

"So....what's taking u so long to move????? ur stuck?," *She stood there looking at him*

*Larry looked back at her*

"Being the nice person I am....... I don't think that I'd be happy leaving u behind.... ,"

"Look *the woman interrupted him* I don't need some bloody prince charming to come and save me, how about u go and get out of my way."

"Sorry sweetheart, I cant do that........ see if tomrrow I read on the newspaper that something happened to u ,and I could have prevented it ,I wouldnt be myself ,althou it's probably a bloody waste of time ,worrying about u."*Larry said as he pulled out his cell phone from his jacket*

*The girl looked at him*

"What r u doing?"

*Larry replied back*

"I'm calling a pick up service and then I'm calling a cab, u have a problem???? u wanna yell at me some more for trying to do a good deed?"

*She shook her head and walked to the side of the pavement and sat down*


*After Larry was done he walked closer to her*

"Alright.... tow truck is gonna be here soon and the cab....I would have offered u a ride ,but u'd think I was trying to take u to a motel and do something to u,"

"Trust me ,u wont get that far," *Larry sat beside her waiting for the truck and cab to arrive ,he looked at her as he inhaled the sweet perfume that flowed in the air*

"So...... what's a girl like u doing out here by urself anyways?,"

*She turned and looked at him*

"Don't u think u've done enough??I let u help me and now u wanna pry into my life?"

Larry shook his head and laughed :-

"Here we go again.....u know u can chase ppl with that bitchy attitude u have, maybe u should do something about that because it wont get u far,"

"So let me have my bitchy attitude ....I really don't care who likes it or not . I'm not here to please anyone," *she looked back at him*

Larry :-

"What did the world ever do to u to get u so upset?"

"Letting u turn up.... *she looked at him*I was quite happy until u decided to be my hero"

*Larry looked back at her*

"U know if I was some mean bastard I would have cancelled the cab and tow truck and really leave u here, but I'm guessing u rnt really like this and I'm trying hard not to really , really loose my temper ,trust me I'm a lot worse than u,"

"Ooooooo am I suppose to be scared?" *She looked at him* why r u bothering urself to stay here anyways or even care ? Don't u have something better to do?"

Larry answered back :-

"Well luv luckily for u ,after a long day at the stu...*he paused* at work, I needed a bit of fresh air. Someone is really looking out for u up there,"

*Soon after a truck pulled up .Larry helped the guy load the bike on and took down his no and place where the girl could pick it up*

Larry :-

"I need ur name and phone number to give to the guy so he could call u, is that a problem too?"

*The girl looked at him and grabbed the paper from his hand and wrote down the info. Larry took the info from him and so after the truck left*

"Ur bike should be ready by tomrrow evening, *he handed her the paper*

*She looked at him*

"Thanks..... for everything,"

*Larry looked back at her*

"Wow....a more sympathetic side.... it's a miracle, ur welcome ,"

*They were interrupted by the honking of a cab*

"Ur cab is here , reach home safely," Larry replied smiling

"Well ....cya..... u reach home safely too......,"*As the woman got into the cab ,larry stood there looking at her,so many questions he wanted to ask but he knew it was best not too as she might bite his head off again.*

K girls........my attempt to write a Larry story hmmmmmmm let's see how that turns out.

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Yeah more Larry stories.!!!!!!! I like it already
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yeah, bring it on, it wouldn't b a bad idea 2 write a few bono stories either!!
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