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Through The Sleet And Driving Snow Part 17

I've been having a hell of a time trying to get this chapter together. I completely lost interest in the story, and then wondered why I was writing it in the first place. What fun. Anyway, this leaves it on a note where if I decide not to continue, it'll make some sense.

Anywho, without further ado

Disclaimer: Don't know the band, this is all a work of fiction


Serena burst into a rather loud gasp when she'd opened to the Entertainment section of the paper the next morning and there was none other than the pride of Ireland himself with his hand entwined with a certain gullible Canadian. She'd furrowed her brow and moved down to the small text beneath the photo. She'd lept up on the bed, where Bono was catching a few extra z's. She rustled the paper enough to slightly revive him, he'd squinted and blinked several times.

"What is it, love?"

"We're in the paper!" She wasn't sure whether to be alarmed or amused. She was somewhere in between.

"Oh.. eh.. really?" He pushed himself back against the pillow, eyes shut, and slowly sat himself up. He patted the sheets beside him, beckoning her to be close to him once more. "Come closer, sweetheart, I won't bite. Okay I might bite, but not too hard."

Serena moved back into the very familiar spot tucked closely beside Bono. He wrapped one arm behind her back so that his hand was resting on her shoulder and then opened the newspaper page that she had rested on her leg.

"Yep. That's definitely us. Our first picture together, sweetheart. Let me see, who's it by." He flipped the page sideways and read the small print. "Corbis. I'll ring them later. I'll be wanting to frame that one." He moved the page right-side up again and moved his eyes down to the caption, which he then read aloud.

"Rock star and humanitarian Bono was found enjoying the company of an unknown ladyfriend yesterday morning outside a local diner." He turned to Serena for a second, hugged her closer to him. "This doesn't scare you, does it?"

Serena sighed. " I have to be honest, at first, yes. I mean, it's not something I'm used to. But the thing is that I'm getting used to being with you, so I realize that that will be part of the territory."

"And you know I wouldn't let anyone hurt you." He folded up the paper and put it on the nightstand before rolling onto his side to face her. He toyed with the stray hairs that were in mild disarray on her cheeks. He was momentarily transported back to the night before, after they'd returned home from the rink and her eyes were still wide with wonder and want. He thought perhaps it would be a quick evening in, but it went on for most of the night. They'd only really had a few hours sleep. They had to leave soon. Head back to New Brunswick so that Serena could get things straightened around and gather what she wanted, including the cat, to take with her. When she went home, to his home, with him. He returned to the present, his heart overflowing with the sense of contentment.

"Yes, I know that. I wouldn't be here otherwise." She uttered softly. Her breath warm against his cheek. "I got some stuff done whilst you were in dreamland."

Bono raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

She nodded. " I searched online for a number for my bank and I rang them. I didn't have the addy for where I'll be staying, so I'll have to give that to them when we get back. That way they can forward those lovely bills to me." Serena rolled her eyes.

"I can look after tho..."

"Don't even think of it. I'll still be looking after my bills, by myself." She said sternly.

A deep chuckle resonated from Bono's throat.

"So very stubborn, aren't you?"

"It runs in the family. Irish blood mixed with scottish blood equals one incredibly stubborn Canadian."

"Alright" he said after kissing her cheek "You'll get your way.. for now!"

She playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

"Now sweetheart, you know it's not nice to taunt me. You know that I'll have to discipline you for that."

Serena licked her lips and a grunt escaped from Bono as he leaned in and once again kissed her. Slowly, they sank back down under the sheets once more.


Now they were sat on Bono's gigantic private jet once more. After Bono's disciplinary measures, Serena was near tuckered out again and the day had just begun. The plan was to land, make an appointment with the bank and generally get things sorted out. Edge had called B whilst they were busy attending to each other under the covers. Bono told Serena between kisses to ignore the phone, but it kept ringing and ringing until finally Bono had pushed the sheets back sharply. Serena, huddled in a ball watched as he strode with nothing on but those rosary beads and answered the phone with more than a bit of an agitated tone.

Now he was sat next to her on the plush couch in the room she'd joined the mile high club in. Edge wanted Bono back at HQ quite soon. They'd apparently made some breakthroughs with chord progressions or drum beats or something. B told Edge to be patient. That he was dealing with some extra business, that he'd be there in a day or two. Certainly Edge would put two and two together. He was a smart lad. He'd have figured this trip out by now, right?

"Come here, sweetheart." He had gotten up and she followed him out into the main cabin of the plane. He opened one of the window shades once more. Below them, she could see this time the greens and blues of home.

"I never get tired of seeing home from this perspective. We're almost back now. I'll call right from the airport to the bank. And don't let me forget to give you those lyrics. That is why you came back this way in the first place wasn't it.." She said, deadpan.

"You know, I'd completely forgotten about them again." He raised his gaze briefly from the window to wink at her. "Been busy" He spoke into the window this time.

The ding sound that let them know to get their arses in their seats and buckle up for the landing sounded. Bono scooped Serena up in his arms and sat down with her still in his lap. Several times he tried to get the seatbelt around the both of them but finally he resigned, sighed and she slid off his knee and onto the seat beside him. Serena leaned over to gaze out the window once more.

"We're probably over home right now. Always hear lots of planes everyday." She took in the beautiful ending forests of green and the little roads that slowly became closer, more buildings, then the zoo and the plane was turning. "I'm going to miss this place." She whispered.

"Hey, sweetheart, you'll be back. Without a doubt."

"I know that. It's funny how things work. When I leave here, I'll undoubtedly be homesick. Yet if I stayed here and you left without me again, I'd... I just couldn't deal with that again." A single tear soaked into the skin of her cheek. Her heart ached at the memory of him leaving before, not knowing whether he'd return or not. If she'd be alone again. Alone, forever. Be that bitter strange lady who lived in isolation to escape the world.

"I won't leave you again sweetheart. I promise you, I won't. If I hurt you again, Adam would come after me with his bass. I know it doesn't look much like a weapon, but that damn thing can pack a punch. I know, because I've stubbed my toes on it many times." There, there it was again. That smile of hers. It warmed him to the core and dulled the ache she'd just created, knowing that he'd hurt her. Reminding him. He'd need to be vigilant. Make good on his promises.

The plane touched down, as Serena rested her head against his shoulder.

"What time is it?"

"3:30.. no.. yea.. 3:30pm your time, love."

"I can check now to see if I can get in at the bank today perhaps. It's a long shot, but I don't want to keep Edge waiting."

"Oh, you needn't worry dear. He's probably having a grand time, fucking about with that Pro Tools rig and driving Larry and Adam crazy." Bono dug his cellphone out of his pocket. "Here. Call the bank, and if they don't give you an appointment for today.. pass them on to me." Cue The Fly grin once again.

"Think you can charm stodgy bankers do you?" She remarked while dialing in the number and then listening to it ringing through. Bono simply smiled.

"Of course you do. Oh yes, Hello, I was wondering if I could get an appointment today. I'm going to be out of country for awhile and I'd like to get a few things sorted. Yes. Yes. Mmmhmm. Stop that B. Oh not you, maam. Okay. Thank you. We'll see you then." Serena handed the phone back to B while giving him the death glare.

"What? Can't a man tickle his lover?"

"Not while she's trying to have an important conversation."

"That only makes me want to do it more... so.. when?"

"Today. Another cancellation, I lucked out once again.."

"You are with an irishman, sweetheart."

"Very funny. Anyway, 4pm. We've got to get moving, B."


The next 48 hours were hectic. They'd managed to settle everything at the bank and leave a forwarding address (and what a forwarding address to have) for all the bills to be shipped to. Bono had been quite amused when the older lady that dealt with them didn't even recognize him. She hadn't a clue, even when she was typing his address into the computer. She'd commented on how nice it must be to go to Dublin, she had family there and went when she was younger. She'd gone on and on about it, long after all the paperwork was done.

Then it was off to cancel the paper and find a garage where she could leave her car for a bit. Serena thought about putting it up for sale, as a way to raise some funds, but she'd wait for now. See how well she got on in Ireland. Bono was still insistent on bringing the cat along. When they'd finally returned to Serena's house, she'd warned B that the cat might ignore them where they up and left him and all but he was all purrs and meows. She'd fished out the lyrics too, and placed them in B's pack.

So it was decided. They'd leave in the morning. She didn't want to sit and deliberate, she wanted movement. She craved it.

She'd miss being here, certainly. She knew it would tug at her heart, but she knew that wherever she went, that would be the case. This was her physical and spiritual home, but her heart was elsewhere. With the man sitting beside her.

"Oh don't sorrow, oh don't weep

For tonight, at last

I am coming home

I am coming home..."

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(damit...mouse slipped...sorry )

This was such a good story!!!!!!

Please continue but if you can't, that was a really good way to end it......(and thank you for reminding me about the bank....have to do a few things before I go on holiday....)

Upcoming gigs: U2-Moncton-07/31/11 OMG I had so much fun! So sad it's over though.

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That was gooooooood. A nice place to end if you have become disenchanted with it. Thanks for this wonderful story.

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nice! especially the part of being with an Irishman Lucky indeed!
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
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That was sweet...
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