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the little stranger pt3

It was another three days before he could return to Ireland.. he had to make the arrangments to bring Angies body back with him, there was no avoiding the press getting wind of it as much as Paul had tried to keep it hushed up, there weere headlines in the newspapers about Angie dying of a drug overdose.

But Bono wasn't overly concerned with the publicity he had a lot of other things on his mind.. now the shock of it all was wearing of.. he was facing up to the reality of the situation he found himself in... a single parent.. having it thrust on him unexpectantly he was not sure how to handle it.

He was eternally grateful for the close friends and family he had around him who gave him all the moral support he needed to help get through this, when he had brought Katie home, she had been loved and fussed over by everyone including edge larry and adam.

He had been inundated with Cards, flowers, letters of sympathy arriving worldwide from fans as the news got out about his wife's tragic death.. he was touched by their caring and love.

But despite all this he still had his fears and doubts.. which he revealed to his friend and personal assistant Olivia McCormick.. whom he always referred to as Liv.

Liv was holding little Katie, she had been pretty close to Angie as well, and was aware of all the problems she had been going through.
When Bono had brought Katie home and she had first set eyes on the baby Liv had just burst into tears, struck by the terrible tragedy of it all.
Liv was married and had two kids of her own, so Bono trusted her with his daughters care.

He watched Liv with her now.. she was a natural.. whereas he looked at Katie and was filled with a lot of anxiety about his role as a parent which had unexpectedly been thrust on him.

"How am I gonna look after her Liv?" he asked running a hand through his dark hair, "With my lifestyle.. I how can a trail a baby around with me when I am on tour.. and trotting around the world what sort of life is she going to have without a mother to take care of her.. I don't have a clue how to bring up kids"

"Calm down Bono" Liv told him "You will be ok, I mean none of us know how to bring up kids at the beginning.. its a learning process.. yes unfortunatly yours has had a bad start, but you will get through this, you have a lot of friends to help out, and I am sure once you get the hang of it you will take to fatherhood like a duck to water"

Bono laughed a little skeptically "ya think so?"

"Yeah" Liv replied "Think of it as a new challenge.. I know how much you love challenges" she grinned

"Yeah true enough" he smiled his anxiety abating somewhat.

"We will find a good nanny to look after her, for when you are not around, I will get that sorted for you so don't worry.. you won't be changing diaphers yet"

Bono groaned "don't remind me I had a go at that the other day. and it was a complete disaster had to call Bridie the housekeeper to help me"

Liv laughed "You will learn" she assured him

"Not sure I want to" Bono replied grinning. "You know I was trying to quit smoking.. but after all this I went back on them.. my nerves are shattered.. and I still have Angie's Funeral to get through in a few days time" he frowned "its going to be a small private affair with very close friends and family only"

"Yes I can understand that" Liv nodded, "which reminds me, Angie's parents have been trying to get in contact with you.. demanding why they had to learn through the media about their daughters death and you never got in contact with them"

"Really?" Bono's face remained expressionless they were the last people he wanted to speak with after all that had happened.

Only he knew what kind of people they were, for Angies sake and because she had made him swear and promise he had kept quiet.. but now it was different with Angie dead that promise died with her.

"Well if you can sort out Katies nanny for me I will be ever so grateful" Bono told Liv, "as for Angie's parents.. that is something I have to deal with myself" he finished grimly

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keep writing,its very interesting
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