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the little stranger pt 13

Bono had been snoozing on the tour bus as they were on their way to their next destination. He wasnt sure yhow long he fell asleep for but when he woke his neck felt a little stiff and sore with the awkward postion he had been lying.

Slowly stretching and straightening himself out he glanced across the bus and noticed that Karen was sitting between Edge and Adam, her cheeks were rather red and she was laughing..whilst his comrades had rather a conspirital glint in their eyes as they spoke to her.

Curious Bono got up and went over to find out what was going on.
"Hey guys whats happening?"

"We are having a game of Blind date" Adam spoke up grinning "Apparently some of our roadies have an eye on your nanny, think she is cute.. and are wondering if she is available.. so we are asking Karen which one she likes the most.. see if we can get her fixed up"

Karen giggled "and I am sure Edge and Adam, are over exaggerating the interest in me, and if this is some sort of wind up I am not falling for it"

"As if we would do such a thing" Adam looked wide eyed and shocked at her suggestion "I cross my heart and hope to die, this is the truth.. there is Steve from the sound department... but you got to watch him he is a bit of a ladies man anyway... but Brian one the lighting techs.. he is really nice" Adam nudged her "I could let him know you are interested"

Karen just laughed "You will not.. cos I am not interested, I have no intention of going out with any of them"

"Yeah thats a good tactic.. play hard to get.. that will keep them interested" Edge told her

"I am not trying to keep them interested!" Karen exclaimed still laughing "You guys are impossible"

"Yeah" Bono spoke up "No way am I having you trying to fix Karen up on a date. what if she goes falling madly in love and decided to get married and leaves me and Katie.. where the hell am I gonna find another nanny as good as her?.. tell those guys to go and look eleswhere till at least Katie is at school" ha added good humouredly

"Gawd your a miserable sod Bono" Adam replied "Denying Karen a boyfriend, just cos you are to stingy to go and find another nanny"

"She can have as many boyfriends as she wants" Bono replied "just as long as she doesnt get serious" he then winked.
Karen just laughed again

"Nah Bono said "I am only kidding.. I am all for a bit of romance.. and if you wanna date any of those guys, you just go ahead don't let me stop you... and Adam is right about Brian.. he is the nicest of the bunch" he added helpfully

Karen grinned "Thank you all for your advice on my love life.. and when I decided I want a love live I will be sure to consult with you further.. but for now its no go"

"Aww" Adam put on an expression of mock disapointment "The guys will be so heartbroken and sad to hear that"

"Will you give over" Karen laughed smacked him in the arm still feeling sure he was winding her up

But the guys trying to fix her up with a boyfriend was the least of Karen's worries a few days later,

She came down to the Hotel Foyer getting ready to go on the move again, she had Katie in her arms
Bono and the others were standing by the door having what seem to her a rather animated discussion, as she got closer she noticed Bono was not looking very happy.. something was up.

"Whats happening?" she enquired

They all fell silent when they realised she was there.

Bono shifted uncomfortably and handed her a folded up newspaper "I guess you had better see for yourself" he replied

Karen took the paper from him, wondering what it was.. then she seen the picture it was a little fuzzy but she could make out Herself with Katie in her arms and Bono next to her... she recongnised the background it had been a few days ago when they had been leaving the last Hotel they had been staying at.. below the picture in bold headlines it said.
"Bono's new girlfriend.. could this be his Love child she is holding?"

Karens mouth dropped open as she read the smaller print how the picture had been snapped whilist Bono was leaving a Hotel and they were questioning the mystery woman he was with . was this is new girlfriend, and was this his baby she was carrying.. that they seemed very close. Had Bono found a new family from his wife died?

"Don't let it worry you, its a load of crap I know... Liv and Paul will get it sorted" Bono told her.

" but I don't understand..What makes them presume I am your girlfriend?" Karen asked in disbelief "and that Katie could be mine, I mean they must know she is yours and your dead wife's"

Bono didnt reply and seem to have trouble meeting her in the eye, Karen felt the uncomfortable silence from the others as well who were all aware of the circumstances of Katie's birth and so far had managed to keep anything about Katie out of the public eye.

" They are just bloody stupid" Larry finally spoke up."Like Bono said we will set them straight, but We had better get moving" he then added and the others all murmered in agreement, leaving Karen puzzled by their response

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Hoo boy...what a turn of events that was!

Veeeeerrrrry interesting. . Curious to see how this progresses. .

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