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out of control pt 5

Bono’s father was just on his way to bed when Bono came through the door, Angie trailing furtively behind him

“Ah Da, is it ok if Angie kips on our sofa for a few nights” Bono enquired “Only she has no where else to go at the moment, because of….well um, certain circumstances” he finished vaguely

“I see” His father’s tone was neutral

Bono eyed his father anxiously awaiting the reply; it had taken all of his powers of persuasion to get Angie to come home with him. And right now he had never seen her looking as uncomfortable and uneasy with his father eyed them both up and down, his expression unreadable.

Worried that she might turn and flee out the door again, Bono took Angie’s hand and give it an encouraging squeeze to let her know it would be all right.

His father’s eyes narrowed a little as he inspected Angie up and down, “A few nights ye say? Hasn’t she got a home to go to?” he demanded.

“Um no not at the minute, it’s just for a bit, till I help get her sorted out” Bono replied.

Angie now took a step backwards towards the door again as if ready to bolt at the first chance

“Sure I don’t want to be any bother... maybe its better if I just go”

“No, no… its ok” Bono insisted keeping a tight grip of her hand, and turned to his father “My Da doesn’t mind really do you?” he turned desperate blue eyes on his father, who after a few moments, sighed

“I guess not” he finally replied “after all she is not the first waif and stray you have brought in. Remember years ago when you were a kid first there was that dog with the broken leg, then that cat with its ear half bitten off, and now, you have your mates coming in and out and staying all hours and sleeping all over the house.. I am getting used to it; another one shouldn’t make much difference” he grudgingly relented

“Thanks Da” Bono grinned in relief, it had been a spur of the moment decision on his part, to invite Angie to stay at his house, mostly because he couldn’t think of anywhere else for her to go so late at night. He knew he had put his father on the spot just coming into the house with Angie.
But hoped he would realise he was just trying to do a good turn for someone who needed it.

Bono’s father left the room muttering to himself about his house turning into a bloody hotel for his son’s down and out friends, and how he should start charging them for the privilege.

“I told you this was not a good idea” Angie frowned at Bono, “You shouldn’t have brought me here, I don’t think your Da is too happy about it”

“Ah take no notice of my Da, he doesn’t mind really” Bono replied dismissively “He is used to my mates staying over, he just likes a good ol’ rant now and again”

“But I am not exactly one of your mates” Angie pointed out

“Tonight you are” Bono informed her firmly “So why don’t you make yourself comfy on the sofa while I get some spare blankets and a pillow for ya”

And with that he disappeared up the stairs, to the airing cupboard, his father met him in the hallway

“Tell me something, that young girl down there Angie; isn’t she Sean O’Neill’s daughter?” he enquired in a low tone.

“Ah, yes” Bono replied a little warily, he had forgotten that his father might know Angie’s Da as well through living in the same area, drinking in the same pubs

“Thought so” Bono’s father replied with a small concerned frown, “Y’know she should be at her own home, it’s only a few streets away.
I didn’t think Sean was the type of man to let his daughter roam the streets, him and his wife seem very respectable, I am more than surprised to see her in that state, I hope you realise this is just for one night or so, then I want her out.. I don’t want any trouble coming to this house,” he then warned Bono.

“There won’t be any trouble” Bono assured him “I don’t know what is going on with Angie and her parents, but I am doing my best to persuade her to go home and get herself sorted out… I couldn’t leave her just lie on the cold ground all night Da, she would have caught her death”

His father shook his head, “aye it’s a bad business all round this carry on, but I got enough on my plate looking after you with out everyone else’s kids landing on my doorstep, just remember that”

“I will Da,” Bono promised

“Yeah and I don’t want any of yer hanky panky going on between the both of you either while you are under my roof” His father then warned as an after thought.

Bono hoped his expression looked suitably solemn and chastised as he replied, “Of course not Da, I promise”

“Good” His father seemed satisfied and he went on into his bedroom. He never notice the smirk appearing on Bono’s face as his son recalled sneaking Angie up to his bedroom all those months before, and decided it was just as well his father was blissfully unaware of it.

But things had been different then he realised as he pulled out a blanket and a pillow and carried them down the stairs. There would be no ‘hanky panky’ as his father put it, between him and Angie.

He had offered to help her be her friend, and that was what he wanted to prove to her, that he wasn’t doing this just to get into her knickers, he felt he had to show he did care what became of her in the hope she would start caring about herself and sort herself out.

When he returned to the living room she was sitting nervously on the edge of the sofa anxiously biting her thumb nail, she stood up as soon as Bono entered the room

“Did your ol’ man say anything?” she demanded

“Nope, just that you have a good nights rest” Bono lied easily as he dumped the blankets and pillow on the sofa

Angie laughed in scornful disbelief “Yeah, sure he did”

“Will you just relax… everything is ok,” Bono told her “I got it all under control”

Angie grinned at that, “I guess you have” then she looked serious as she took a step closer to him
“I suppose I should say thank you for doing all this… you didn’t have to, especially after the way I treated you” she looked suitably shamefaced

“Forget it” Bono told her “I am just glad you are letting me help you now

She smiled, and on impulse moved closer to kiss him on the lips “You are too good helping me, but I get the feeling you might just end up regretting it,” she added prophetically….

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let's hope nothing 'hanky panky'-like goes on

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Originally posted by youtooellen

let's hope nothing 'hanky panky'-like goes on
haha, ditto.

I'm really enjoying this story....keep up the good writing!
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Great story---B is so sweet!!
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