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out of control part 15 (ok I am back)

I know its been a while since I posted this story but my real life has been kindda hellishly occupied and give me a severe case of writersblock but I think I manage to overcome it in this chapter to get the story moving the dark twists going on are almost a reflection of my own dark mood lately maybe thats why i was able to write it.. disclaimer this is not true no way wouldnt wish it to be ect ect ......

Looking back on it now Bono recalled it had been one of the stormiest times between him and the band when he informed him that he was bringing Angie along to America with him.

The others had on strong terms opposed the whole idea, telling Bono he was crazy that she was an opportunist who was just using him. He had more or less expected this and had already braced himself for the onslaught

He let them rant and rave and protest, but remained stubborn and refused to back down, this had been the first time Angie had reached out to him, wanted him to help her, he was not going to let her down, even if it meant taking flak from his friends and family and those around him.

He told them he would take personal responsibility for her whatever happened, and in the end they begrudgingly gave in, realising he was not going to heed anything they said, and whatever happened, he would have to live with the consequences of his actions

It had not been easy when they arrived in America in the beginning, but much to Bono’s relief Angie was too taken with being in America, that she was to distracted to cross swords too often with the rest of the band and more or less behaved herself, that as time passed they accepted her in their company without too much resentment.

Besides which they were having a great time In America and their schedule was hectic that there was no time to waste over old animosities.

There had been crazy times in America, the craziest one of all had been when they had stayed a few days in Las Vegas and pissed drunk out of their minds Bono and Angie decided to would be fun to get married by Elvis impersonator, just to see Larry’s face.
Of course Larry had not been in the least impressed and told them so in rather colourful terms

It wasn’t until the following day and they had sobered up they considered the gravity of their actions, Angie suddenly found herself agreeing with Larry in that it was a crazy and wrong thing to do and it should be annulled.

Bono remembered how that had irked his ego a little and although he knew they had done a crazy thing, he found himself still defending his actions and arguing that getting married didn’t have to be a disastrous course for them and got her to reluctantly to agree that they should remain married. Not one of his better ideas as he later found out the big mistake was when they returned to Dublin

Angie couldn’t settle and wanted to live in London instead something Bono was not keen on, and something that caused the first fiery argument between them. Despite the fact Angie had seen more of the world it had turned her even more against her hometown and she could not understand why Bono and the others insisted on basing themselves there.

It was a contentious subject that would not go away Angie made Bono feel like he was being selfish and ruining her chances to keep his own dreams alive by making her stay in Dublin, pointing out he spent most of his time in the studios than with her, and trying to get her own career as a fashion designer of in a place like Dublin was not going to happen so whether he liked it or not she was going to London and he could stay in Dublin and if he didn’t like it he could stuff it so in the end he found himself giving in agreeing that they should spend time together at the weekends or when he was not busy in the studio.

As U2 next album got even better accolades and more recognition than ever and they became more busy on their next world wide tour, Bono was finding it more difficult to make his marriage work especially as Angie’s own career as a designer started to take of and they went in different directions, Angie making her own circle of friends that Bono did not exactly approve of, but he was reluctant to say anything knowing she would accuse him of trying to run her life by chosing what friends she should and shouldn’t have.

He heard from others about her drunken binges and the drug taking, but was so busy with the band and their sudden rise to fame there was never really time to try and sort anything out. He had fooled himself she was ok and could handle herself, after all she was Angie.

She always acted so tough and like she could take on the world, but that was a façade he soon learned was fragile and started to crumble as she spiralled into a world that came dependent on drugs until Bono could not ignore it anymore, and was forced to face up to his wife’s problems that was threatening to destroy both of them.

And in doing so discovered the terrible secret underlying Angie’s seemingly hell bent mission on destroying herself and everyone around her

Remembering it now as he stood in the graveyard Bono found himself hugging his little daughter tight protectively, wishing he could guard her from all life’s dangers, something he could not do for her mother.

It had all started at Edge’s wedding in Dublin, Bono had insisted Angie be there, looking back now he never realised what a disaster and nightmare it was going to turn out to be……


He knew she had not really wanted to be here, after all these years.

There was still that gap of resentment between Angie and the band that seemed would never be closed, they tolerated each other just about, the band still disapproved of Angie even more so lately after all the rumours going about the drink the drugs.. the affairs which Bono had just about manage to keep out of the tabloids.. though for how much longer he wasn’t sure.

Angie’s behaviour was getting wilder and she was becoming more careless and less discreet not caring if Bono was aware of it or not. He felt partly to blame being so busy he had neglected her to a certain degree, he knew if he confronted her, she would just throw it back in his face, remind him he was a lousy husband who had let her down and he couldn’t face that.

After all he had never wanted them to live apart that had been her choice, when he tried to draw her into his life she rejected him and his friends, preferring her own wild pack company he wanted nothing to do with.. now it had come to this, they were almost like strangers and it pained him

She sat next to him knocking back the drinks and God knew what else she was putting into her body, he could see that glazed look come over her eyes that told him she was out of it, he could feel his nerves taunt, the tension of trying to pretend everything was great was giving him a headache and making him drink heavily himself.

He knew there was going to be an explosive confrontation soon between himself and Angie.. it had been brewing for a while, he didn’t want to spoil Edges wedding day. But Angie wasn’t so considerate , she seemed determined to cause trouble, and she knew the right way to go about it.

Edge and his new bride were up on the dance floor dancing to a slow song, Angie staggered over to them and insisted in interrupting them and dancing with Edge herself. Bono felt the tension in his body rise another couple of degree’s as he watched.

Angie was laughing loudly Edge didn’t look to happy as she tried to cling onto him, and then press herself against him suggestively taunting him that she knew he really fancied her, suggesting he and his new wife should spend their honeymoon night as a foursome with her and Bono.

Edge tried to untangle himself from her and push her away, telling her to get a grip, but she still tried to close in on him trying to kiss him.

Bono had seen enough, he knew he had to do something and made his way over to the dance floor where the other guests and onlookers had watched on in bemusement at the little scene.

Feeling totally humiliated and seething with anger at Angie for her behaviour he roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her away from Edge, who looked openly relieved.

Unceremoniously Bono led Angie of the dance floor his expression grim and dark as he muttered in a tight voice

“C’mon sweetheart, I think you have had your fun for tonight, time we had a little talk”

And ignoring her loud protests as he dragged her out of the room to somewhere with more privacy so he could have it out with her once and for all.

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I'm so glad this story is back---Missed you-hope you are OK. On to the next chapter.
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