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My friend, the Honorary PLEBAn, writes...

(she sent me "outtakes" from a feature article she wrote for her local magazine. This is my favourite -- I immediately thought of all of you! )

"[Larry's] the prettiest member of U2, and to be honest, the only one who might have made a good living as a fashion model; and he is also the only one of the four who would likely punch you in the mouth for saying so. Now...if you said the others could have been models: Bono would secretly love the idea, but he's too smart to buy it, and after some pithy comment - he'd feel morally compelled to admit that he loved the idea, and would then have a good laugh at his own expense. Edge would look at you as if you were crazy, and blush, and say something polite like, "er, thank you, but i don't think so" and then change the subject. And Adam would laugh outright at you in quiet self-confidence, because he knows his sex appeal is a little more indefinable than that - though no less potent."

I included in my reply: "And the Adam-girls will be doing the Wave around the PLEBA Mansion for your insight." Cheers, Jesi!

Deb D

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your friend is right on about adam...he's beautiful in his own hard to explain AdamWay, and he wears The Pants like no model ever could...

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BONO is the prettiest member of the band!!!

~Burned by the fire of love~
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Thanks for the outtake Deb!

And yes, Cheers Jesi for Adam's indefinable sexiness!

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Originally posted by Autumn454:
BONO is the prettiest member of the band!!!


Woah, woah...
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hehe That put a big grin on my face. Thanks.

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Hee hee! That's great! LOL at Adam's indefinable potent self-confident sexiness

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