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Girls, let me ask you.................. u tink Mr Gibson made all those comments about MDH like he did because he saw himself as 'to above' as an actor?

meaning he saw the movie as 'cheap shit' and wondered why he was selected or something?
That is was too 'low' for him, that he deserved better acting work??????

although Im surprised why he even took the job if he thought that!!!! dont actors read scripts beforehand??

I dunno.........hopefully one of u will know what I mean.........

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i remember that bono and mr gibson had some exchanges about his comments of MDH, personally, i think that another actor (methinks kevin spacey) would have done a better job than mr gibson.

i dunno, i enjoyed the movie and the soundtrack is fabulous!

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I love Mr Spacy but hadn't thought of him in that role before... now I'm sad it wasn't him. Casting for the movie was tough, if you read ATEOTW you'll see, so bad beginning and then the whole it not being an action movie thing. I like that movie a lot. It has a number of moments when you're just supposed to slow down and observe the characters, which you don't do in a typical Gibson movie.

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Originally posted by mad1: u tink Mr Gibson made all those comments about MDH like he did because he saw himself as 'to above' as an actor?
I don't know, but I heard, that Wim Wenders really exploited him during making the movie. He booked Mel Gibson for 3 weeks only, so that Gibson had scenes 'every day'.

BTW I like his performance. In February, I had the chance to meet Wim Wenders and got an autograph by him. Very inspiring. MDH is such a brilliant movie.

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What did Mel Gibson supposedly say? I vaguely remember hearing something, but I don't know...

I bought the DVD like 2 months ago, but I still haven't watched it yet. I'm so bad! The soundtrack is awesome though!

I just bought Salman Rushdie's book "The Ground Beneath her Feet" today (it was in our university bookstore. How cool!). Has anyone read it? It looks like it's going to be really good! I'm pumped!

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