will there be a fifth single

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Mar 30, 2001
cypress Ca Usa
Just wondering if anybody had any ideas.
If you all remember, the biggest U2 albums all had five singles.

Joshua tree
3 one tree hill
4 Gods country
5 with or without you

Achtung baby
1 the fly
2 mysterious ways
3 one
4 even better than the real thing
5 who's goin to ride your wild horses

1 discotequ
2 staring at the sun
3 if god will send his angels
4 last night on earth
5 please

With the exeption of Rattle and Hum and zooropa. The most recent albums have all had five singles. I heard an interview with Craig David on MTV2 where he said Bono had asked him to remix Kite. He then said as of then things just had not worked out. Bono has always said it was one of his favorite songs on the album but said it just did not seem to be up to single speed, or that it was to slow. I just wanted to know if anybody has heard anything else about another single

1 beautiful day
2 walk on
3 elevation
4 stuck in a moment
5 Kite?

To me it seems the most likely. on ****.com in a survey, I 'm not quite sure of the exact order but people said that it was either second or third as being the best song live on this tour from the new album, behind walk on
1 discotequ
2 staring at the sun
3 if god will send his angels
4 last night on earth
5 please

Actually, LNOE was third and IGWSHA was fifth. With "Please" coming in at number 4
Wild Honey would be a good 5th single. It's radio friendly and is totally different from all the other singles released.

The only thing is that it would of been a cool summer song. So I doubt it would have any type of impact if it was released during the fall.

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i think Kite definitely should be a single, as it forms an amazing trio with Stuck and Walk on.
apparently, Edge said it won't be a single, because it is too slow.

my favorite would be (if Kite doesn't make it) In a little while. or, perhaps a double A-side: In a little while and Wild honey.

ps: i think i read somewhere Paul Mcguiness said something about more ATYCLB singles, not just one more.
Was Pop really one of their biggest albums? Not in the US anyway.

I think they could release Peace On Earth as a single. It has been getting airplay in the NJ/NY area.
I agree with Peace on Earth.
With all that is going on right now all over the world, we need a little Heaven on Earth.
I'd love to see it release before Christmas, that would be perfect.

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Well there wasn't a fifth single, but if there was, it should've been Wild Honey, and if not that, than New York.
I thought Kite was a single... maybe it was just the boston DVD-promo. If not, then it definitely should have been one, maybe even instead of Elevation... never really liked that song.
Kite definitely should've been a single, preferably instead of Stuck. That would've been nice. Don't suppose anyone else here thinks The Ground Beneath Her Feet should've been a single?
the ground beneath her feet was only an extra ( UK ) release of ATYCLB , this song belongs to brilliant MDH$$$ soundtrack

POP was big , everywhere , except for critics

Kite or maybe NEw York , U2 need a loud number
Wow this thread is kind of old!

In a way Wild Honey was a single, remember it was on the Vanilla Sky soundtrack and I remember KROQ played the song a few times.
Kite too slow to be a single? Pah! theres nothing wrong with it! The only thing I can think of changing for radio is replacing the "did I waste it..." bit at the end...not every release has to have a boring dance beat added to it! :madspit: :rant: :banghead: :yell:
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