Who defines "biggest band in the world"?

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Jul 25, 2000
U2 notwithstanding...I was watching the telly yesterday and there was this quick blip about some Christmas special. The thing that caught my attention on the commercial was that they were introducing N'Sync as the most popular band in the world. Now I'm not a numbers expert like STING or doctorwho, but from my travels and experience overseas, I would swear that N'Sync is only popular (and even that is debatable) here in the States. So, how can people get off with these kinds of comments? Is it blatant ethnocentrism? Or just blatant stupidity and ignorance? (Ie. what sells and is popular in the US MUST be popular everywhere....just because). I don't get it.

The first thing I would take issue with is the very thought that N'Sync would even be called a band. They are a group, they sing and dance and put on a big production. They are not a band. To be a band, members have to play instruments. You don't need to write the music, but you need to be able to play it in order to be called a band.
N'Sync are very popular still. However, by the #'s....U2 and N'blowme toured this year. U2 had the top grossing tour, so u2 is a bigger draw. This is also the fact around the world. If you go to billboard.com right now and scroll down to the boxscore for the week, you will see that N'lickmyballs didnt sell out any dates, infact left thousands of seats empty at all their concerts. As for album sales.....U2 in the US has SOLD over 3 million. N'crap has SOLD about 4million copies in half the time. However, over seas U2 has shiped over 10 million copies while I dont know the exact figure for N'testicals, I know they havent SOld more then U2 world wide, but they may have shipped as many due to the shippment of 5 million in the US alone. I think that U2 is JUST as popular, but if it came down to it N'shitballs might be more popular right now. But thts not saying much since U2 has been around for 20 years and they are a CONTENDER for biggest band. N'hardon will be a memory within the next 2-3 years...youll see!
N'Sync shipped 1.5 million outside the USA and 5 million inside the USA. Their worldwide shipped total is 6.5 million with actual sales being under 5 million. By most estimates, U2 is over 10 million in sales worldwide now. Worldwide U2 is by far a much bigger band! Both in sales of albums and even more so in Ticket sales and GROSS. N'Sync's new album has not done the business it was expected to do. N'Sync might argue that their as big as U2 in the USA but not bigger anymore. When comes to the WORLD, N'Sync is not even in the ring. WORLDWIDE, I'd say even Bon Jovi is more popular than N'Sync.
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