Which concert did Gwen sing "What's Going On" w/ Bono?

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Yessssss it was

Dallas was the best show of the entire tour.
Vegas and Oakland baybee!

11/15 & 11/18

The wind will crack in winter time
No spoken words, just a scream

My Lair
It's all about Phoenix.

Q: What did U2 use for power instead of electricity to create their albums?

A: Up until Rattle & Hum, all of the U2 albums were recorded by harnessing the power of fermenting potatoes to symbolize um, the plight of Ireland.

Sifl: No way.

Olly: I know.

-The Sifl & Olly Show
Originally posted by Slow Motion:
It's all about Phoenix.


' I want to run
I want to hide
I want to tear down the walls
That hold me inside
I want to reach out
And touch the flame
Where the streets have no name. . .'
.:. U2: Rock's Unbreakable Heart!

Love is...cold steel/Fingers too numb to feel/Squeeze the handle/Blow out the candle
Love is blindness.../A little death/Without mourning/No call/And no warning...

[Thanks M.P.]
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