When did Bono become a catholic?

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Sep 18, 2000
New York
I remember reading in flanagan's book that U2 were protestant except for Larry...but now Bono wears rosary beads all the time and supposedly travels with a priest, and Noel Gallagher was recently quoted saying that Bono was giving him tips on religioun since they are both catholic. When did Bono become a catholic? Not that it's any of my business, but hey, I'm bored.

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The Pope gave Bono those beads during the Jubilee 2000 campaign, and I think Bono is just Christian, not adhering to any denomonation, Catholic or Protestant, in particular.
Bono ain't catholic, it's pretty much how unforgettable lemon put it. Read some big article about that issue a while back, but it's like me and most people in Ireland. Well, the republic anyway, mostly recognised as catholic, but I don't go to church anymore, I'd say I am christian. Same with most people I know. With Bono and him having parents with different religions it's obviously more complicated.

"I'd join the movement, if there was one I could believe in
Yeah I'd break bread and wine
if there was a church I could recieve in
Cos I need it now"

He also said something about wanting to be part of the catholic "club", but that he couldn't.

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Bono is not Catholic. His father was Catholic and his mother Protestant. It was decided that Bono and his siblings would go to Protestant church with his mother on Sundays while their Father went to Catholic church. Bono has stated recently that he has problems with both the Catholic and Protestant church, as well as organized religion. He says that he does have his own personal relationship with God though.
His dad was catholic and his mam was protestant.As far as I know he is still as confused as he was when he mentioned this sort of thing in his songs.I think he is a Christian with no particular denomination however this is just what I understand from his songs and what he has said and am not a close personal friend of his and so can not be sure.
look out...cass is gonna sing again, a song my mother used to belt out on the piano......
"oh it is the biggest mix up
that you have ever seen
my father he was orange
and my mother she was green.
They were married in two churches
Lived happily enough
Until the day that I was born
Then things got rather rough..."

very confusing

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