What did you dream last night?

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The Fly
Sep 17, 2003
So last night I had the worst dream.

A little history. My great aunt who died like 10 years ago, lost her mind when I was a kid. She kept seeing a kid named who she called Harry in her house. She had alzheimers. Really sad.

So anyways, the dream. I dreamt that I found out that my mom was babysitting someone's child named Harry like before I was born. So I think she was driving and had to slam on the brakes and didn't have Harry buckled and ended up killing him. And so her and dad (ok....bare with me here) bury this kid under my Aunt's (the crazy one) garage. And didn't tell anyone. Not even the parents. And let me tell you this dream was SOOOO freaking real. I'll try to explain this well. But in the dream my mom was telling me all this. And I was like "No freaking way! This is just a dream." And started freaking out. But I could NOT get out of the dream. I couldn't wake up. So I was like "Oh crap. This IS real." I don't remember what happened after that.

Last nite I dreamed that my brother was working on my car and I kept running outside to bring him pastries :der:

I can wake myself up from dreams if they're really bad.
Sicy said:
I can wake myself up from dreams if they're really bad.

So can I, normally. Whenever a dream starts to go sour, I'm like "Screw this" and wake up. But I couldn't last night. That's why I thought it was real.
That would probly really freak me out :|

I also dream about plane crashes, and they come true (seriously I have a journal entry all about them ) but, I havent had one in a really long time so I'm happy :)
that is one scary dream

i can't remember what i dreamed about, all remember is that it was funny, and i woke up because it was funny at about 4 am and i couldn't find my pillow (it was on the floor, i found it when i woke up for class)
I don't know what I was dreaming about last night, but I woke up in the middle of the night, on my hands and knees in front of my TV and VCR in my bedroom. I think I was still asleep and saw the standby lights and didn't know what they were. I seem to remember them freaking me out.

Once I woke up and I was standing in the bathroom sink

omg LOL I have done that before :uhoh: I've had dreams where I think there's spiders in my bed and I wake up and I'm standing next to my bed brushing the sheets! I then realize that I was just dreaming and there are no spiders in my bed :reject:
once I stayed at my friends house and I had to sleep on her bedroom floor. I woke up hugging her foot, and apparantly I'd been screaming 'everything's collapsing around me!!!!!' Later on in the night I woke her up proclaiming 'green spanners - that's really funny!'

I still to this day don't know why I thought green spanners were really funny whilst I was asleep.
i have some freakass dreams that come true most of the time.

the last dream i had was a nightmare. i dreamt that i went back to my exhusband. hell no i won't go.
OK, here's my dream in all its sweet detail, cause I think this is the most hilarious dream ever.

OK, at my church, there's 2 pastors, a sweet little lady who loves everyone and everything, and an enormous man who intimidates the crap out of everyone and everything.

So my dream went as thus:

I went in to church one morning for the Sunday service with my mom. On this particular Sunday morning she had baked a jar of enormous chocolate chip cookies, which she brought in to church with her. She placed the jar of cookies on the stage at the front and left them there untouched. So I'm sitting there, waiting for church to start, thinking to myself 'You know, nobody's touching those cookies there, I'm gonna take some'. So I go up to the front of the church and start snagging cookies.

While I'm taking cookies, an announcement comes over the PA: the male pastor (Nelson) is sick, and can't make it in, and the lady pastor (Ida) is snowed in, and will be late. So since I'm up at the front of the church, everyone yells at me to preach instead. I'm nervous, I have no idea what to say, since I've never preached, and I'm not really a believer in the stuff anyways. So I start making jokes. Funny jokes, dirty jokes, mean jokes to congregation members, you name it. I'm there ripping people up all over the place and the congregation loves it. Then Ida shows up and the service itself starts.

I go upstairs on to the balcony. The balcony is flat, and for some reason, on this particular day, everyone is lying on their stomachs. So I go lie down next to a couple people myself, and look over and see 2 of my friends there, along with an acquaintance of mine who is a friend of my friends (Gen is her name). So I'm talking to them (during the service), chatting it up, and eventually mine and Gen's feet start to rub together, accidentally at first (somehow I lost my shoes in the middle of this dream), and then purposefully.

So the footsies goes on for a bit, and no one else seems to notice. I mention that I'm cold. Gen gets up, finds a blanket from god knows where, and brings it back over to me. I wrap myself up in the blanket, and then she lays her hand on mine over the blanket (mine is under). I reach my hand out and then grab hers, and she leans over and we kiss. So we're making out, in the middle of a church service (a joint is being passed around somewhere else), and I sense someone behind me. I stop kissing her, turn around and see Pastor Nelson, looking pissed as ever, standing behind me, a massive 6'7". 250 pound guy standing over me, arms crossed. I turn back around, keep kissing the girl, and sense someone else. I turn around again to find my friend standing behind me looking all proud, giving a thumbs-up to me.

Then I wake up.

I would not have any problem whatsoever with this dream (Gen is mad hot), were it not for the fact that I'm currently with Rachel. Rachel didn't show up anywheres in this dream.

Is this my brain trying to tell me something? Is it a sub-conscious thing? Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi...you're my only hope. (that's a nod to the Star Wars fans). Seriously though guys, what do you think of this??
I always dream that I fall down from a building, or I slip on the stairs... it's really scary, because I'm afraid of heights and I feel very sick when I'm on a 10th floor... when I dream that I'm falling my body feels when I "hit the ground" and sometimes it hurts and I wake up very scared...
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Sicy said:
omg LOL I have done that before :uhoh: I've had dreams where I think there's spiders in my bed and I wake up and I'm standing next to my bed brushing the sheets! I then realize that I was just dreaming and there are no spiders in my bed :reject:

whoa i used to have that happen to me ALL THE TIME. :| i'm serious. i hate it. it's so weird. i had it happen a couple of times a week for about two months. :slant: i wondered at the time whether it was stress related.

spiders. :mad:
Screaming Flower said:
whoa i used to have that happen to me ALL THE TIME. :| i'm serious. i hate it. it's so weird. i had it happen a couple of times a week for about two months. :slant: i wondered at the time whether it was stress related.

spiders. :mad:

Good I am not the only freak :| :lol:

I hate it too because its so god damn real that sometimes I actually turn the light on and fully examine my bed for spiders before I go back to bed. :coocoo:
Last night I dreamt that I was at a Placebo concert with my sister. They picked twelve fans to go stand right next to the band while they played, and my sister was one of them. But she was crying hysterically because she was scared of the huge crowd, so I took her place in the special fan section. Meanwhile she's off with the regular fans, still crying.

So Placebo comes out and Brian Molko is looking like Boy George did when he was at that huge concert totally messed up on drugs. He's got gross white make-up on his face and his hair is long and black with bangs. :uhoh: And the band then proceeds to play only about five songs. And Brian keeps trying to talk to me between songs. And he's very amicable, but he just looks weird. And I'm trying to groove and rock out to the songs, but I'm feeling really stupid and self-conscious because the twelve fans are in this huge area and everyone can see us.

When I woke up, I had the Placebo song "Hang on to your IQ" in my head. :eeklaugh: So of course, I had to listen to it as soon as I got to work. :yes: :lol:

I always have weird-ass dreams, and I usually remember them too. And I always dream in color. Last night's dream was definitely strange!
I had a damn work related dream (STRESS) last night.

I watched as a fairly light aircraft fell on its tail.

You guys won't understand the dream....let's just say...no one gets hurt...but it is a very bad thing.
I generally do not remember my dreams unless something in real life prompts me to remember them.

I do know if I have had a bad dream because I wake up feeling anxious and frightened ...
Last night I dreamt about this girl I like and now she's all I can think about.
I was watching the Kerrang music channel and Wizo were releasing one of their songs and I could speak German perfectly.

That was my dream. It wasn't very exciting.
OK, so i had a pretty cool dream last night that i wanted to share with everyone.

It was an interland gathering, much like the one ya'll had in Vegas (that i missed :sad:). Everyone was there. But the coolest part is that me, yertle,salome,u2popmofo, and heartland girl were playing a concert for you all. Here was the lineup:

Heads: vocals, rythym guitar
Heartlandgirl: guitar, vocals
Yertle: bass, vocals, general anarchy
Salome: lead guitar
There was someone playing keys but i have no idea who it was. Insert your name here __________ if you think it was you.

SO anyway, we were playing in this small club, maybe max capacity of 500. It was crazy. open bar, drinks flowing, everyone laughing. And then we came onstage to a deafening roar from you all. You guys were so stoked. We played everyone's favorite songs, and some U2. Yertle was pogoing around, heartland girl was smiling as she deftly played rythym guitar with me, Salome rocked the leads, and u2popmofo broke 10 pairs of drumsticks. I can't tell you how vivid this dream was for me. I am a drummer but wish i could sing and play the guitar, like Thom Yorke.
It truly was an amzing dream. Afterwards we comandeered the entire bar and hung out, danced and had a blast.

Thanks everyone for giving me the seeds for an awesome dream last night. I can't remember the last time i remembered my dream (well, i DO, but can't share it with you here. Maybe in Mr. Pussy's cafe. lol.)


a very happy headsonsticks.
I scored the jackpot....for a while and then it got freaky...as per usual.
I was at a club with Mark from pennyblack:applaud: he was getting kind of fresh:applaud:but all I could think was I'm married, this can't happen, I have to get out of here:(Then I was at a camp in a forest and Marilyn Manson was there, being ever so friendly, but I felt I had to get out of there too. I wasn't sure which way was back to town and I was scared to hitch-hike. Then I ended up driving a sports car ( ala Thelma and Louise) but ended up in a desert-like landscape, with the car getting bogged down in the sand. I was getting stressed, so I woke myself up. It was so vivid..what's it all mean man?
I usually wake up really early, before dawn. If I doze off back to light sleep, that is when I have the freaky dreams.I don't like them...at all.
I do think dreams can be quite significant...and wonderful:)
I like dreaming..haven't had a U2 one for a while, not since the gathering at the lake:)
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