Week 63

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Oct 9, 2001
Sydney, NSW, Australia
In Oz:

ATYLCB rose 1 spot from 29 to 28 on its third run on the charts.

Here's ATYCLB's run on the Aria charts:


Walk dropped from No. 34 to No. 40.

Here's Walk On's chart run so far:


X- denotes that this week was not monitored.

U2 are doing so well in Australia and yet there has been no more platinum certifications since the 4X platinum some 43 weeks ago. I say ATYCLB should be around 6X platinum by now. Can anyone tell me what's going on?
Bless you all.
UK Charts:

ATYCLB drops 4 places and it's now at #60

Walk On drops 6 places to #64

Good to see it doing well. If it's anything like the U.S. system, they only re-certify an album when the band/management request an audit of the sales. This does cost some money, so it usually happens less frequently as time passes for an album.

Also, in U.S. news, on the hitsdailydouble chart, where U2 ended up at number 49 last week, they sit at number 36 right now! It is very early in the game at this point, I will keep an eye on it.

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With 58% of sales in at hitsdailydouble, ATYCLB has shot up from 49 last week to currently sitting at 29. Sales are already 23K.

Now we all know the inconsistencies of Hits versus Billboard and there is only 58% of sales in - but this is still a significant trend increase in sales. It is looking like the album will at least go back into the top 50 - maybe even the top 40 on Billboard. U2 sales are holding up well, while for many albums now that the holiday season is over, are heading south down the toilet and into the bargain basement bin.

Looks like the Grammy nominations and the Rolling Stone awards are kicking in big time to boost album sales.

Enya's album looks to have finally broken - she has fallen from 5 to 15 with only 38K sales in so U2 may just outlast on the charts even though her album is 6x platinum.

As for certifications in Australia and Canada- yeah both albums are still 4x platinum and given their sales should now both be 5x platinum. Canada's certification are updated at the start of each month while Australia's are progressive. U2 should get the Canada certification in early Feb (they did not get in Jan)

I would expect now that the ARIA (Australia's equivalent sort of to RIAA) are back from their holidays, they may redo some overdue certifications from the holiday period.
Here's the final numbers from Hits:

Last Week- 49
This week- 27
Sales- 34,388
Percentage difference to previous week- +4%

So......I'd say U2 will probably get around No. 43 this week, and possibly into the Top 40 the week after....but I'm no good at predicting things like this as i don't know what trends are like in the US when it comes to these things.
U2 ended up at number 27 on the hits chart. with a 4% increase in sales. One of the three albums that actually went up in sales. All others had at least a 2 digit decrease.
Originally posted by womanfish:
U2 ended up at number 27 on the hits chart. with a 4% increase in sales. One of the three albums that actually went up in sales. All others had at least a 2 digit decrease.


What you wrote is VERY important. In another thread, a Vox626 stated how RollingStone.com and other web sites were stating how the Grammy nominations had "no effect" on U2's sales. This is because the SoundScan figures show a slight drop in sales for U2.

But as you stated above, every other artist had a DOUBLE DIGIT sales decrease (according to SoundScan, ATYCLB was a mere 7%) this week. This is a very slow time of year. Therefore, for ATYCLB to remain virtually stagnant in sales, especially when there is no new single or tour going, is incredible. The fact that the album is now in its 63rd week makes this accomplishment all them ore impressive. After all, how many other albums have been out for 63 weeks are are still in the Top 40 on the U.S. charts? Even JT and AB didn't have this type of success!

Furthermore, the fact that ATYCLB had a 7% decrease in sales (according to SoundScan) yet ROSE to #39 on the Billboard charts shows how far all the other artists have fallen.

I also noticed that Grammy WINS, not just nominations, help sales. The nominations are probably what helped keep the album relatively stable this week in sales. But if U2 win some prestigious awards, like Album of the Year, expect to see a sales spike (like we did last year).

I wish sites like RollingStone.com, would do a bit of homework before making invalid statements (like the Grammy noms did nothing to help U2). For U2 to have this type of success at this stage is VERY, VERY impressive.

I've been away for a few days so I wasn't able to update the charts any sooner than today. Sorry. So here are the numbers for the chart dated 19 January. The chart used is the Mega Top 100 ( http://web.planet.nl/music/charts/megatop100/ ), although today I make use of the printed edition.
It's no news that All That You Can't Leave Behind is still selling well and not only in the USA. This week ATYCLB rises another three positions to #41. In contrast to the USA, Grammy nominations have (almost) no effect on this rise. They are important music awards, but the Grammy's don't get much coverage here. The album is still certified for 2x platinum, but I think it has sold at least double that amount, as the album is 2x platinum for more than a year.
The total run of ATYCLB so far is:
(all information prior to week 40 with many thanks to Flying Padre Jr.)

The Best Of 1980-1990 has a small drop on the charts as the album slips 2 positions to #47. Still, the album is performing very well in its 108th week on the charts. This album is also still 2x platinum. I think it has sold enough for 3x platinum, but they haven't been recertified for a while.
The Best Of 1980-1990's (4th?) chart run is:

There is a new #1 on the album charts. Dutch band Blof debuts at the top position with their album Blauwe Ruis (Blue Interference), their first album after their drummer died last year in a motorcycle accident. I'm also happy to see the Buena Vista Social Club album re-enter the charts at #98. This is the album Ry Cooder recorded with some Cuban musicians. As it has is on the charts for 211 weeks now, the album also has a certification of 4x platinum. If only The Best Of... can be on the charts for that long.
Blof's single Dichterbij Dan Ooit (Closer Than Ever) drops one position to #47 (after having peaked at #19)

In its 8th week, Walk On drops 9 positions to #58.
Here is the chart run of Walk On:

In its 10th week, What's Going On? drops 16 positions to #73. Not only in the online charts, but also in the print edition the single is credited to Stevie Wonder in the online charts. Oh well...
What's Going On?'s run on the charts is:

There is also a new #1 single in the Netherlands. It's a duet between two Dutch singers and the song Lopen Op Het Water (Walking On Water) is written and performed to coincide with the royal marriage on 02-02-2002. Well, they could have chosen better artists for the song and that's all I'm going to say about it...
As the single is a one-off release, there is no accompanying album.

C ya!


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