Walking down the aisle, bono's singing... which song?

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Feb 27, 2005
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My girlfriend and I are about to prepare our wedding for next year, and among a lot of issues, we face a u2 related problem: the choice of the song when she'll be walking down the aisle. We already know the one when we'll be walking out ( feeling good by muse, I first told her I loved her on that one so we can't do any other way ) but for the entry, we hesitate between All I want is you ( her favorite ) and The first time ( mine ). Lyricswise, they both more or less match the occasion. Before we were listening to the very beginning of All I want is you and it clearly sounds right but I'm still hooked on The first time so...
If anyone is wishing to help me here...
What would you choose or ( what have you chosen ) ? ( It could be a different song! )
gman said:
If ya wait till late enuff next year, there maybe another 10-12 new songs to pick from

I doubt all of them will be love songs—maybe they'll have between 1-3 ballads on there.

And anyway choosing a U2 wedding song is a difficult task because so many of their songs are not outright love songs, at least in the traditional sense. Many of their so-called love songs have a bitter quality to them. Isn't there a Bono quote out there where he said he can't believe how many people play One at their wedding. He said something to the effect: "Don't they read the lyrics?!".

As far as the question goes I would go with AIWIY.
AIWIY. The First Time is in the same bin as One- it's about a guy who can't find love from his rich father, his outstanding brother, or his incomparable lover. Not, in my opinion, a great choice.
For walking down the aisle at the beginning I'd go with Grace, the intro to COBL, or Streets... Hallelujah here she comes is a good one too....

Or "A Man and a Woman" -- LOL.

Yaweh would be a good one to walk out to.
elevated_u2_fan said:

I don't know what my wife would have said if i had asked to play a song called "Drowning Man" at our wedding? :hmm:

lol how funny would that've been to the guests unfamiliar with the song? they'd hear these beautiful lyrics "take my hand, you know i'll be there when i can i'll cross the sky for your love" and then look into their programs to see the song title.

The First Time?

The song your looking for is Promenade, trust me on this.
the older generation Catholics in my familiy would probably have a heart attack if a U2 was played as my wife-to-be walked down the aisle!!
But apart from that The First Time seems to be a nice fit. I went to a wedding a while ago where a string quartet played Coldplay's 'Clocks' and it worked really well.
u2thewho said:
AIWIY. The First Time is in the same bin as One- it's about a guy who can't find love from his rich father, his outstanding brother, or his incomparable lover. Not, in my opinion, a great choice.

Are you serious? I always thought it was about rejecting God and living with humans. It's the opposite of being humble. His brother tries to help him in his life, but he just keeps running. His lover is...his lover. It is semi-romantic, as in it demonstrates a positive relationship with other human beings, but in the big picture the song is about getting away from the highness that is God.
jonnytakeawalk said:
all i want is you isn't a love song. Therv are no real u2 love songs

:huh: :|

You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
You say you want your story to remain untold
All the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
And all I want is you

:huh: :huh:

I'm pretty sure it's a love song man. And no there aren't many, but AIWIY is.

And on One, Edge says people come up to him and say that they played One at their wedding, and he says why, it's not a love song. But if you're not going too deep, and not absolutely U2 fanatics, then ?I reckon it's fine.

Orignally posted by BonoIsMyMuse
As long as it's not I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, you should be okay :wink:

I always thought AIWIY is about unrequited love????johnnytakeawalk is correct. i dont think there is an outright u2 love song. Hows about The Sweetest Thing?
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my friend was married last summer and the song they chose as their first dance was the cover of 'when the stars go blue' by the coors and bono - it was a beautiful choice. :)
All You Need is Love, by the Beatles. I know you asked for U2, but you guys gotta go with this one -- it's just too perfect. The orchestra, the grandiose strings, the simple lyric, and plus, it's the Beatles -- EVERYONE loves 'em.
Ahhh, I LOVE Promenade... 'tis magical.

I think both AIWIY and The First Time are beautiful songs... could you somehow play a medley of both (for both you and her)?

All the best for your wedding!
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