Vertigo MIDI?

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Jan 6, 2004
Any musician have done the MIDI of Vertigo?

My phone needs a new ringtone! :wink:

i already have vertigo as my cellphone wallpaper! :wink:

*edit: now the image should work *
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I might make one. I've made 6 or 7 MIDI's that are floating around the web. If you've heard the Zoo Station midi, that's mine, there is only one version. I'm not sure if I'll have time or take the time, but I might, if I do, I'll need someone to host it.
I'm working on it already, probably have it finished by tomorrow evening, a little tired tonight.

A quick question. How does one put a MIDI on a cell?
Does it play different sounds or is it all blurry or what?
You know how MIDI's go sometimes, they sound a bit cheesy.
I don't know if I will put a vocal line on it or not, often times they ruin a cool little MIDI because it really makes it cheesy. Plus that is an arduous task that could take way too long. Might just do the chours.

I am making this like I have made all the others, but truthfully I haven't made a U2 midi in about 5 years.
It all depends on the cell phone. I have a data cable for mine that allows me to transfer the MIDI files, and then I can select them like a normal ringtone. The sound quality is actually pretty good, but that also varies from phone to phone. I do agree about not including a vocal track, that probably wouldn't come out too well.

Thanks for the effort! I'm looking very forward to it!
... please, as less channels as possible.

My phone only plays 4 at the same time. :mad:
Okay, I just finished it, someone post an email who wants to HOST it. I have to go do some shit today, so I will definitely come back tonight and make sure that I ship it off to whoever wants to host it for the board. I did the whole song, it runs about 3:01.

Keep in mind, I am not a professional, just like to mess around with midi, but if it's just something you want to play on your cell phone, it's a nice little ditty. You cant really duplicate powerchords on midi, well you can't duplicate all that much, but it's just something to suffice until someone else makes a better version.

And victor, I will try and make a second version, that has just 4 channels, it should be relatively easy to do, but I just have to do some things today, so later on tonight, probably in 5 or 6 hours, I'll have it off to the hosts, and send them both versions and hopefully they will host it. I'll check back before I leave here in a bit and see if there is an email, it's a small file as all midis are.
victor_f said:
... please, as less channels as possible.

My phone only plays 4 at the same time. :mad:

victor, I sent you the full version because I just took everyon'e email address and sent it off at once. I'll try to get you a MIDI with only 4 channels soon. The version I sent you might not sound worth a shit on your phone because I used 6 or 7 channels. Listen to it on your computer first before trying it on your phone and see it it works good enough, if not I'll get you a different version.

And for the rest of you I sent the MIDI off to all 8 email addresses on the thread, hopefully one of you can host it for others.
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