Untitled #1 and #2

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New Yorker
Apr 5, 2005
I was supposed to write two imitation poems for my English homework tonight and well.. in the end, I found that I have some more to learn about myself. Let's just say that the topics of the poems completely strayed from it's original ideas. I haven't posted anything new yet, from my own bunch I mean, so I suppose this could be a replacement in some way. (By the way, I was supposed to write an imitation poem for Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman). They're nowhere near imitations but I really like them personally. I haven't written for a while, so I think that could also be why I'm drawn to them too. :shrug:


Untitled #1

The sun appeared from beneath
A sky of white and gold-
Where my thirsty soul diminished
With the Spirit who could mold-

“A captive of thy liberty”
A voice called out to Him-
Only then was the wind seen
For the voice was my sin-

The fear swallowed the tides
Of oceans that brewed in me-
But the doubts that I drank…
Well, I was no longer fatigued.

And so the setting sun cried
Into the white and gold-
Only the echo of silence heard
Of my own prayer untold.


Untitled #2

And one by one by one by one, the formation fashions themselves,
Orderly filed, complete with muskets and flying colors of dignity,
Marching on through fields of blood and shedding to come.
Soaring sounds of rage, spitting at each other, one by one,
The train of thought collides with the image of women and children,
This fantastic fight between good and evil is unfathomable.
The chanting of angry voices that crashes with the digging of
Man into man, knife into knife, courage into courage.
Bravery cannot be measured, but life can.
Falling like pieces in a game, like leaves from trees,
Like water from a pump, like sweat from our brow,
One by one, falling, toppling, collapsing.
Discovering the paths that unwind into endless forests
Of doubt, sorrow, fear, war, courage,
The formation decays, dissolving one by one by one.
Until the faces of victory tumble into the expression
Of undefined sympathy and compassion, satisfaction.
And from here we march, one by one, into the arms of America.
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