Until the end of the world, elevation tour

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Jan 16, 2004
Hi , anybody know the guitar setup and tab for the opening to this song. It's hard to figure out. I can play the song no problem but the Boston elevation intro is really a chunky, funky, tricky one. Any ideas or is it precorded with The Edge playing over it? Thanks y'all!!
OOPs I mean the Slane Castle ,Until the end of the world version!!!
Hey,thanks dude, What's your chord /note sequence? Is it one string or chords?Desperate people need to know.Ciao johnx

This is the basic chord scruture....I think it might be lower but just adjust accordingly. (adjust accordingly lol sounds like a soup packet)
Euhm....I'm wondering where you use these powerchords.....because I play this song all the time but I never use powercords for it.....and the opening isn't with powerchords..
it is, if you listen it is in the opening of the slane castle it may be a whole step lower i haven't listened but it's a basic idea.

If it's the album version then it's the bass doing that, I have the music book for it
euhm...I'm sorry....but I just watched it....and euhm.....he uses that technique where you don't really push the string down but still get that nice sound (like the opening of pride)...(i forgot the right name for it)......just do that....(I hope we're talking about the same piece)
It's called a harmonic, you tap and play the string at certain frets to sound out a harmonic. I personally don't think it is. Maybe it's a pre-recorded I'll have a look.
It may be he's not playing the chords but just doing some percuasive playing.
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Euhm....I'm absolutely sure he uses harmonics.....when you watch him play it you can see that he's not pressing the strings.....but just works around the 7th fret.......
And ones a guy from a guitarstore listend to it for me....and he immidiately said: Oh yeah, he's doing that harmonis thing"....

Sorry to buggy you.......don't mean to be a pain in the you know what
Yeah....I know....the opening he uses is the same as for the Popmart version.......and on u2's performance video from Mexico you can definitly hear him using harmonics during the intro

Just fool around with (7) on all strings and then ones in a while slide from 2 (on the A-string, relative to capo) down....to get the good effect.....really!!....
NO!!NO!!NO!!!.....I know how the "screaming part" was invented....
And after that part Larry starts to hit the drums...and Edge does that harmonics thing.........BELIEVE ME!!.......I just watched him do it a few hours ago...on the dvd's....!!....try it......

(this is getting a real mess, lol)
Dear fly , I think thats right.He does the same kind of thing (single string wise) with New Years Day.thanks , Ciao. P.S. Now, una otra pregunta, how many strings does he play on for the live solo version of Please?
Yes I suppose it may the harmonics, but maybe in the studio recorded version, they good mix and produce other sounds than if it were played live.

Johnx said:
Dear fly , I think thats right.He does the same kind of thing (single string wise) with New Years Day.thanks , Ciao. P.S. Now, una otra pregunta, how many strings does he play on for the live solo version of Please?

What do you mean how many strings in Please? Hopefully
all of them
ha ha . what i meant is ... the solo..

(Bono goes..)

Please, please, please get up off your knees

(while the edge plays?)

3--9------9---------9-----9--------9-------9----------9------9--------| x2

So love is big, bigger than us
But love is not what you're thinking of, what you're thinking of

3---------------------------------------------------------| x2

.. now.. does the tab do the solo justice? Whatcha think? Ciao
well i think the first tabbing is right
the 2nd one cud be played easier like this
this is the basic structure but edges using an Eb tuning with a capo on 2 You may need to transpose this up or down depending on the tuning
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he uses a capo on the 3rd fret. he mutes all the strings except low e. then slides up to the 12 fret. when u slide u can kinda release the mute so it gets a bit of ring to it. that goes right into the power chords. pretty simple. the very beginning he doesnt play. just sound effects.
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