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Bo0m Cha ♥

Apr 19, 2009
Near Paris
Hiya everyone !!

I'm a french girl, living and studying in Dublin since this september (it's not a coincidence :) )and I would so love to meet some other U2 fans in here :)
Been a huuuge addicted fan since I'm 12, listening to them everyday since then, collecting U2 stuff (vinyles, lithographies, U2 condoms :applaud:)
I've only met one U2 fan here yet (someone I already knew from a U2 forum), but it seems that all the others are hiding :sad:
So if you are living in Ireland or coming to Dublin and interested to meet a U2 fanatic (and maybe my new U2 friend), to meet sometimes and talk about U2 or anything over a beer, visit U2 places in here (didn't have the chance yet !!), and go to Bono's house or Hanover Quay to try to hear some new U2 songs, then please feel free answer this message, it would be soooo cool to meet new friends who share the same interests, I'm so sad to be in the city of U2 and not having U2 fans to talk to :hyper:

See ya :wave:
:wave: Welcome! I'm not from Dublin but I did get to visit in '08 & my husband & I hope to actually move there one day. Does that count? :D
:wave: Thank you!! :) of course it does :D any U2 fan counts :wink: hope you will move there someday then, it's a super friendly charming place :love:
Hi Bo0mcha!
What a great fucking idea! Im from Dublin. You have U2 condoms you say? Wow! I would like to try one on! Why dont we go to HQ and Bonos house this weekend? I know his old house too! The one from Sometimes Y ou Cant Make It!

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