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The Fly
Mar 9, 2009
Southern California
These are used, but in great condition, I am the only owner of these and bought them all new back in the day. Jewel cases have some minor scuffs, some sticker marks, and one has a bit of sharpie on it. CDs and inlays are in excellent condition.

I am in southern California, prices don't include shipping.

$20 U2 ROK, yellow inlay, Austria 664 972, blue island on the cd
Fire, J Swallow, 11 Oclock*, The Ocean*
* live from the paradise club 1981

$20 New Year's Day, Austria 664 973, blue island on cd
NYD (long version), Treasure, Fire*, I Threw a Brick*, ADWM*
*live from werchter 1982

$20 Sunday BLoody Sunday, austria 664 971, blue island on cd
SBS, Two Hearts*, NYD*
*"Special US Remixes"

$5 Hold ME Thrill ME (Batman Forever cd single)
regular jewel case with picture cd includes "Themes from Batman Forever" 2nd track.

Or buy all 4 for $50 (plus shipping). Please contact me at erik_1099@yahoo.com as I don't get on here as often as I should.
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