Too Many Forums - Make 5-6 max

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Aug 19, 2000
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There should be 5-6 max.

1. General U2 Forum (kind of like Where the Album Has a Name, Everything You KNow, MDH, PLEBA, etc):
Albums, Appearances, Thoughts on Members of Band, U2 song lyric interpretations, All things that are U2-content only.

2. U2 Tour Forum
All stuff that has to do with the tour.

3. Trading Post Forum
mp3s, tickets, etc etc. This combines Mp3s, What Do you Have and What DO you Want.

4. Interference General Fan Forum
This would be like Everything You Know is Wrong of non-U2 content, period. Simple Minds, my 1000th post, Moderator abuse, the old days, whats your sign, what's your handle, God, homosexuality, Dave Matthews Band, Fight Club, movies, religion, hockey, sports etc etc. Combines Lemonade Stand, Free Your Mind and non U2 content of Everything You Know is Wrong.

5. Suggestions/Comments/Etc

6. Interference Staff Use Only Forum (if needed)
I don't think there are too many forums..I think it's a great to keep things separated. Fewer forums would - with all those posts a day - make it much more messy, IMHO
I agree with U2LA. I'm new to this board and one of the first things I've noticed is the overlap of certain forums. For example, "Now departing," "Elevation," "What Do You Want" and "What Do You Have" all overlap each other in terms of content, which would explain why the thread entitled "3/26 GA's for 3/24 GA's" appears in all four of those forums. Condensing will make this board much less unwieldy.
I agree with U2LA.. I've always thought there was an overabundance of forums.. this is a good way to divide them up
I agree with U2LA too! There are too many forums!

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