The Bachelor New Season!

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Bachelorette next summer


The Bachelorette," the spin-off of "The Bachelor" that features a woman selecting from a group of men, hasn't aired since February of 2005, when its third season concluded.

But the ABC reality series will return for a fourth season next summer. There's no official word yet about who will star in it.

Will the show recycle a rejected woman from a previous "Bachelor" season, or go with a star who has yet to appear on the franchise? (ABC has continued to air "The Bachelor" almost non-stop, and will air that show's 12th season in the spring.)

The first season of "The Bachelorette," by the way, is the only "Bachelor" season — out of a total of 14 — to produce a lasting, successful relationship. Perhaps bringing the spin-off series back may give the franchise a better shot at creating a lasting relationship. Or perhaps not.
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