Suggestions When Visiting Ireland

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Dec 3, 2020
Whenever things get back to normal and we get on the other-side of Covid-19 it has always been a goal to visit Ireland.

For those that have gone, or currently reside there, are there any specific places to visit specific to the band that is a must-see for fans?
The Little Museum in Dublin does a whole U2 thing that’s great fun. That’s a quarter day thing though. In my experience though, unless you’re super crazy diehard and want to go to Slane Castle just because U2 had a famous concert there, I’m not sure there’s much U2 outside of Dublin (maybe other people know of stuff?).

You can easily spend 5-7 days in Dublin alone though. I wouldn’t really go to more than 2-3 locations though if it’s your first time. Ireland is an insanely beautiful land and if you like scenic things, I recommend that first and foremost. But in terms of U2 stuff, maybe other posters can contribute some of their experiences because I’ve not tried to go to the studio or anything. No clue what’s up.
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