Scary Shite- Attack of the Clones

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This is so scary that science has advanced this much for this type of thing to actually be a part of our culture and future! It just might be that humans will not be needed to reproduce!!! Man what an issue!!!
wow. how horrible this really is, is beyond my comprehension.

oh wait, maybe im just too old school and conservative. i cant wait to hear that arguement 10 years from now when this will suddenly become the "hip" thing to do.
I agree with the rest of you; this is abominable, and, no matter how liberal you might be, it is still a concept that is sickening and abhorrent to the future of Humanity.

I've always looked at 'cloning' as Humans going too far, trying to act like God and simply playing with fire and manipulating Mother Nature, when it simply can't be done, not without tragic and horrific results.

This is horrible, not to mention grotesque.
Poor poor creature, should it ever survive the pregnancy...

Sadly, I don't think there's anything we can do to prevent these advances in cloning.

What I really worry about is people treating clones as less than human.
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