Salt Lake City GA Line-up procedures

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Jan 25, 2005
Los Angeles
I am posting this from a different location.

Delta Center GA Procedures
(per Danni Sorensen (sp?) - Manager - Delta Center Guest
Services/Crowd Management: (801) 325-2130)
As of today, 12/13/05 3pm mst.

The Delta Center WILL implement a numbered ticket system! (Yay! we don't have to freeze!) GA ticketholders will be allowed on property at Door #2 - northwest corner - at 7am on Saturday.
All GA persons must each have their ticket (or ETS voucher) in hand to receive their numbered ticket. Delta Center issued Numbered ticketholders will be instructed to return by 4pm to claim their numbered spots and that's how the line will form from there. (and probably get split up - fan, non fan -
That part I am guessing, I didn't ask specifically about that, just
thought of it as I type this.)

Note: At 4pm, each numbered ticketholder does not need to be
present, but their numbered ticket must be there. So if you are in a group of 2 or more, 1 person is allowed to hold the additional
numbered tickets in line, but that person must have everyone's
numbered ticket with them.

I also inquired about GA ticketholders lining up prior to 7am, the
nice lady (Danni) that I spoke with said that most times people will line up across the street - but it's nothing managed by the Delta Center - but that those types of "official unofficial" lines have gone well with no problems - once the established (7am in our case) time comes and that line moves over to the specified door on property.

So I hope that clarifies a lot of SLC GA questions! :)
The group-lining up thing seems like a lot of scalpers could line up with ten or so tickets REALLY early and then sell them and the "numbered tickets" to the highest bidders... :| It seems a little too easy to screw over a lot of people.
Hrmm... When I called last week, they told me 8am. But I guess I'll be showing up around 6:30. At least I will get breakfast sooner after I get my Ticket.

One thing I didn't find out is when they are opening doors. I may be bringing a sweatshirt/jacket that I can just throw away. Especially if it won't be until 6, or 6:30.
I got clarification this morning, they will allow lining up on Delta Center property at 7am, and start giving out tickets at 8am. Must be in line by 4pm, doors to open around 5:45-6 pm or so (Their guess as it is the band that decides what time to start letting people in)
Thanks for all the info. I'll be there in the morning by around 6. Anybody know from which door/side Bono and the boys may come out and meet the fans? Roughly what time?
Such a great idea these pre-ticket numbers. Got to the GA line at around 5:45am and was surprised to be 82nd already! However, around 7:30, the Delta Center folks started splitting the line and started handing out the numbered tickets. I'm now 24 on the line.

Now that I have ticket in hand, I can take a nap :yawn: and be back at the Delta Center by 4pm tonight with my place intact (hopefully). This should be the norm at every one of these shows. Of course, eventually people would then start lining up two days ahead to get the pre-ticket before the show. :wink:

Hope to get into the ellipse this time around...
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