Russian politician denounces Apple’s U2 album gift as ‘gay propaganda’ | World news |

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That guy is a complete and total nutjob. It's the census that makes our kids gay, not U2. What an idiot......

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Whatever would give them that idea?


In Soviet Russia gay makes you too

Soviet Russia is so 1983.
The tweet is the best part:

Ударник U2 Ларри Маллен-мл. изображен на обложке нового диска «Songs Of Innocence» обнимающим своего сына-подростка

Couldn't have said it better myself.
this guy goes to same category as Trump , jaysus those MR trumps hairs tweets bout Baltimore.........
You know, when it was gifted to everyone's iTunes, the cover was the plain white label. SO WHERE'S THE PROBLEM, RUSSIA? HUH?

I like the 2nd last last paragraph, ''The album initially launched with different cover art, the two shirtless men only appeared later, when physical copies of the album went on sale.'' Would that be larry mullen junior and his son!:doh:
heh the Russian guy sounds pretty much like the early general Interference reaction to the cover art - it was a meltdown in here remember? :D
The saddest part is that this guy belongs to the so-called 'Liberal Democratic Party', which has got nothing to do with liberal democracy as you see on this occasion.
They're just a bunch of clowns earning their spot in the news. Our political system is a total mess to say the least.
It says Apple may have to pay a fine of £13,000. :lmao: Tim Cook probably has that much lost under his couch cushions.

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russia is like that immature adult who refers to everything as being "gay" in a derogatory manner.

i've heard putin refer to ukraine's resistance as being "totally gay" on numerous occasions. the room always gets pretty quiet for a few seconds afterwords, but nobody ever says anything back to him.
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