Recommend me some Synthesizer music...

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Nov 2, 2000
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After doing that 80s quiz, talking about both Boomerangs in another thread and the fact that I really like that new No Doubt song- Its my life, I really want to be exposed to some good (or daggy, dosnt bother me) new, or old synth laden music. Synths just make music so nice, now I am well aware of most acts, such as Kraftwerk and the like, but fire away at me, what songs in particular would you recommend for me?????:)
Postal Service, nearly the entire 'Give Up' album is fantastic for that sort of thing.

Old wise, cant miss with Depeche Mode.


Erasure (old group)
Pet Shop Boys (old group)
The Start (new group)
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When I think of synthesizers, the first group that comes to mind is Eurythmics. I also agree with Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode, especially DM's older stuff. I would recommend PSB's older and newer stuff. :up: You might also want to check out Electronic (are they still around?)--Neil Tenant from PSB is in that group/collaboration/whatever it was too. :)
Anything Box, Apotigmya Berzerk, Kenna, Simple Minds!, Air, The Cure, DM, New Order, Cocteau Twins, James, Xymox/Clan of Xymox
bad religion's "into the unknown"

you'd have to download it cos there's no other way to actually obtain it.

it's the album that everyone tries to forget they did. i think some of it is cool..."billy gnosis" and "chasing the wild goose" are good. "time & disregard" too but it's really long.
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