Pure, uneducated ignorance. Go religion!

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Like I said, there are exceptions. Ken Miller also knows Intelligent Design is bullshit.

For every biologist you show to be religious, I can show you nine who are not
I shit you not, the homily at Church today was about how it's important to pair your faith with reason. It was eight minutes that could be summed up with, "Things don't just randomly appear (wink wink Big Bang? Ha! wink wink), so God!"
sorry Jive. I just posted a comment that stated that Ken Miller is anti intelligent design, because I thought that you just said he was. Then I re-read your comment and I realised I misread your post. Please forgive me.

Atheism is linked to the lower Agreeableness trait, which in turn is linked to lower happiness. Cynicism is sometimes confused with greater intelligence.

I reckon naughty people can have more fun if they reckon they won't suffer the consequences. This is all tongue in cheek because I ought to be in bed right now, but if I was a bad girl, maybe I'd have more fun. I wouldn't be as happy though
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