Piano guy on "Yahweh" st. louis

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The Fly
Aug 25, 2002
This may be old news, but I just never got around to posting it on Interference.

At the December 14th show in St. Louis, I was the guy who got to play Piano during "yahweh". one of if not THE most amazing 5 minutes of my entire life.

This was my 9th U2 show and last for 2005 and to end it by playing on stage with my absolute favorite band was breathtaking. I still think of it almost like it was a dream :)

Everything was great until after the song ended and Bono wanted to keep it going and started telling me to "Play it like a bell". When i was actually up there, and sense i didnt have headphones on, i just could not for the life of me make out what he was saying. I got kinda confused but then Edge saved me.
They both gave me big hugs and Bono even shouted "Thank you Michael" on the microphone as i ran and leaped back down the ellipse.
It was wonderful

Hey, if ANYBODY has photos or video clips of this...PLEASE email me.....I would SO appriciate it!

God bless
Michael Mitchell
(nashville, TN)
Michael! You were awesome! No worries about the "bell" thing. My favorite part was you frolicking back to your spot at the end, classic! St. Louis was also my 9th and final U2 show for this tour. I have some pictures of you. Click on the dutchbingo link in my signature and then click My Albums and you'll see a U2 album. I also have more that aren't in that album, but they're on my computer at home so I'll post them for you later.
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Congratulations... :D

And yes, you can't hear anything when you're up there without ear monitors :crack:

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