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This nasty chest cold sucks. :| I'm either coughing my lungs out or doped up on cold meds so either way I can't concentrate on my computer screen. What a drag! :wink:

Seriously tho this cold :angry:
Thank you :hug: and yes please. :applaud:

Wait you didn't mean this guy did you? :eyebrow:

Thanks! :)

By the way i saw this pic on Tumblr recently and I couldn't remember seeing it here before though I could be wrong.

Love it! :lol:


And happy Birthday to The Edge! :applaud:

I'm not much for baby!boys usually but um...umm....the bit in the mouth does help. Yum.
:shifty: :reject:

That being said, I'm currently in a state of mind where nothing exists but Adam. His hooks are in deep this time and oh merlin do I love it! I have a hunch it means album news soon! You know how it gets...
Don't mean to get all fangirl here but, oh my. I do like this photo.

Right? Well, nothing wrong with admiring something nice. :sexywink:

:hmm: This is nice too. :wink:



CK I hear ya, I would take the mature versions over the babies any day, but they were awfully cute.
That's the best shirtless one I've seen from that era, Comet. Usually I'm not a big one for the early stage diving shots but that's a great one.

CK, I have a special gif for the Adam girls but I'm having trouble uploading it. It's less than the PB limit but it still won't go.
And that's what he said. :rimshot:

:laugh: Man I missed ya around here! We think alike, apparently. Great minds eh? :wink:

:shifty: And I get the appealing factor of those photos. Him lying down on a sea of hands, imagine if we'd all be there as a group of PLEBAns. We could just run off with him on our hands, muahuahua.
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