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No. I kind of love this thread right now. My muscato was very good- was yours?


I love that piercing. In fact I've thought about having it done on myself. Mighty sexy, imo.

:lol: I know this thread is good right now, but we're gonna like, break Interference or something. :uhoh: :wink:

Mine was good, just a cheap red moscato but I'm easy to please when it comes to wine :reject:

Let's think of a thread name... :hmm: Good wine and U2 = :heart: ? Cheap wine and U2 = .... ??

I don't know. :reject:


And we should tag it "ready the bunks" because we know what'll happen as soon as we get to seeing them on a regular basis. :mac:

#i regret nothing #dibs on Adam #i'm still the original Mrs. Clayton #idgaf


that about covers it......... :shifty: :D

"THIS ISNOT A DRILL" :lol::lol::angry:


oh.... CK I saw one of the large (art photo poster size) prints of Ad's full monty at Anton's U2 (only? don't remember) photo exhibit in Chelsea (manhattan) .
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