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May 4, 2007
I barely know any hardcore U2 fans here in PA.
Of course I know a few people who 'love' them...but theyre only into the best of 80-90 stuff.
where is everybody??! :huh:
I live in Bethlehem. =P
But I saw one person wearing a U2 shirt the other day..:D
Hi...I live in Hershey...the sweetest place on earth! But I'm from western PA, so I've drunk my share of pop as well! How are ya?
I'm from Huntingdon, about 30 miles south of State College.

I fell for U2 back in the early 80's when I saw the New Year's Day video on MTV - That bass line never fails to make my heart skip a beat. I've been a diehard fan since then.

My first concert was in Cleveland in December 1984 during the Unforgettable Fire tour. My most recent concerts were during the Vertigo tour when I saw the boys in Philly, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.
no i met were u at the U2 concert when bruce showed up?

Yeah ive never seen bruce..except with U2. i love his new single and wanted to see him though
No, I was at the show the night before Bruce was there! :sad: That concert was still great but I kicked myself when I heard about the following night's show.
Yeah, the people I was standing next to saw the show before that one and said it was good. But that the 17th was their favorite by far.
Maybe I'll see you next tour :wink:
Hi; Philly here! I believe I met you (and your mom) at the Liberty I right? I was 3 people behind you in line.

I have been a U2 fan since the early 80's, and Bono is my favorite, but I must admit after meeting all of you...I am not a all know way more than I do. I simply adore them from afar! LOL
Hello ALL!

I am from Northeastern PA... South of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton...

EdgeIsTooSexy: I was in your area recently.. I went to watch the Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp...

AthelFlad: I am originally from the Harrisburg (Middletown) area... I know your area well!

I have loved U2 since the early 80's.. They are the first 'real' band I liked as a kid (cannot count Olivia Newton-John's 'let's get physical' song that I had to jump around to and pretend I was in an aerobic's video:giggle:

When MTV came onto the scene I was hooked!... New Year's Day and Gloria... I couldn't get enough of them! I have loved them ever since... I went through my phases... Heavy Metal, Dance Music, Alternative.. but U2 was always in the middle of it.. My friends would laugh.. Gun's & Roses, Metallic and U2 just don't mix !!! That is how it always was.. U2 has been a part of my life since the early 80's. They were through everything with me; high school, college, boyfriends, jobs, and most recently, marriage...U2 had to be a part of my wedding reception.. Couldn't have one without their music in the mix! NUTS, huh??!?!

So glad other's from PA is in the forum!
wiechlvu2 said:
Hello ALL!

EdgeIsTooSexy: I was in your area recently.. I went to watch the Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp...

I dont like the Eagles...

but I was there :lol:

my dad had passes so I was able to go onto the field
i know it was soooo hot!
i got some pretty good shots of andy reed and i was almost run over by a couple players! :up:
Pittsburgh here as well! Grad student at the University, about to write about U2 for the U2 conference in Cleveland in April!
Awesome!! i heard about that, and since I am pretty close to Cleveland I really really want to go! Have you been to it before?

I didn't go last time, which was the first, and it was in South Carolina. I'm looking forward to this one though. The preliminary schedule is up at The Hype and the Feedback website. My travel partner just dropped out so I'm not sure how long I'll be around outside of my presentation time. Registration is $249, pre-reg cost!
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