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The AFC is certainly wide open enough this year that anything can happen. They are definitely part of the conversation...

...even if my fellow Pats fan Hewson flatly rejected this possibility before. :wink:
I continue to be disgusted with myself for having been on your side all this time.
Seahawks being really bad is a huge bummer. But that’s what happens when you whiff on like 8 drafts in a row I guess.
sweet, i'm winning by 10 points in my money league and the only guy that my opponent has left to play is the pats kicker. :up:
Since I would need Bourne to score 40 points tonight in my money league to win this week, bring on anarchy.
N'Keal Harry trying to field a punt with his facemask is anarchy.

Why in the F is N'Keal Harry returning a punt?

Definitely not the game to try that out on, but you gotta figure Mr. Bust has got to start trying new things if he wants to be in the NFL any longer.
so it appears that highly paid professionals don't much appreciate being treated like they're still in college. who knew?
forget the losing. forget that he got into a fight with his offensive line coach. forget that he scape goated the only guy on his staff with actual NFL head coaching experience for the offense's lack of scoring... and proceeded to score fewer points once he took over. forget that the first game back after his QB had his brain mushed he had him running trick plays to expose him to further big hits. forget his outrageously tone deaf cheap shots at pat shurmur and ron rivera. forget his whole i think i'm bill belichick even though i have none of the success thing.

motherfucker ran consecutive QB sneaks on 2nd and 3rd down on their own side of the field in the 2nd quarter to set up a punt. TO SET UP A FUCKING PUNT.

send this man to the fucking CFL.
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