2022 NFL Playoff Pick'em - 14 Integers to Glory

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i am not a fan of knowing the possible outcomes this early because for me it ruins a lot of the anticipation and fun. i prefer to find out what happened to the scores and standings when i update the spreadsheet after each game ends. i really would not like to find out after week 1 of 4 that i'm already essentially eliminated, or that somebody already has a 90% chance of winning or something like that, even if that really is the case, for me it would kill the fun of doing this.

i'm not your boss or a forum mod though, so if people really want to see the outcomes already then i'm not going to stop you from posting them.
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standings after divisional round:

U2inUtah - 107
Headache in a Suitcase - 102
LuckyNumber7 - 102
GirlsAloudFan - 101
phanan - 100
iron yuppie - 97
PennyLanePHINS - 95
DaveC - 93
mikal - 91
the tourist - 89
Hewson - 83
bono_212 - 80
Wow I'm still in first huh. my only strategy was to put the two teams with the best chance to win four games at #1 and #2. Just lucky otherwise. We'll see how this plays out. KC winning it all is still probably my only path to glory.
I will say, lots of people can still win, but if TB or GB would’ve won their games, the board would look very different right now.
Haha nah you’ve got avenues, it’s the rest of us who need intricate paths right now…

Went back and looked, I didn't realize I put SF and Cincy so high. Gotta say I'm pretty proud of those picks so far lol. I actually think Rams will win it all so that might screw me.
I have the goods

I lied a little bit. You’re mostly all eliminated. Though admittedly I thought there were still four ponies in this race. It’s just three now.
I’m too lazy to sign on on my laptop so this is the best you’re getting.

If the Rams win the superb owl in any way, Headache wins. (2 stakes)
If Cincinnati explicitly beats the Rams in the superb owl, I win. spicy drama!! (1 stake)
If literally anything else happens, U2 is going to Utah (5 stakes).
standings after championships:

LuckyNumber7 - 125
U2inUtah - 124
Headache in a Suitcase - 124
phanan - 123
iron yuppie - 118
GirlsAloudFan - 114
PennyLanePHINS - 113
DaveC - 113
the tourist - 108
mikal - 104
bono_212 - 94
Hewson - 93
haha the only combination that could knock me out of contention happened today.

Headache vs LN7 in the interference pick 'em super bowl
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