Mysterious Ways - 33

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Dec 18, 2005
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I was so busy working on the next chapter that I forgot to post this. As always, none of this actually occurred. I may have taken some liberties with actual events to suit my own greedy author purposes. I love to hear your thoughts. Thanks and thank you for still reading and caring about this story after so long.

We have two more chapter of Bono and Gloria on their own before they meet back up for the South American tour.

Gloria looked at the time on her phone. The concert was definitely over by now. As she fiddled with her Bluetooth ear piece, she wondered how it went. Andrew would most likely brief her later tonight or tomorrow. After all, he would want the details on the Grammy Awards.

She shifted her weight from side to side. Her feet had their own heartbeat, they throbbed so much. That was the worst thing about award season, the weeks on end of having to suffer strappy heels at least once. Sometimes it could three or four times.

Technically, she shouldn't be here, standing on the red carpet. She should be winding down from the first show in Johannesburg and planning to tour an AIDS clinic with Bono. Neither of those events required fancy footwear and would have been far more satisfying. Yet, she chose this. She had gone to Andrew and suggested that she stay behind and that he should go. The twins were older and thriving. Jane had plenty of help, and Andrew was looking for a short escape. Gloria hadn't counted him agreeing so readily. She had resigned herself to just buck up and get on with the tour. She'd been so relieved at the time. Things had been moving too fast with Larry, and she couldn't get Bono out of her mind or heart. Now, sweltering in a red evening gown and feet pinching in her shoes, she would switch for anything.

Gloria hung close to Arcade Fire who looked like they were plopped on a different planet. They even seemed from a different world. A little ways down the red carpet, Steven pressed more clients onto the next journalist. Win Butler, the singer, lumbered onto the next microphone. His eyes had glazed over five minutes ago. Regine, his wife and co-singer, bopped alongside him. Gloria’s neck was sore from craning it to look at the tall singer. She remembered following after Bono and the boys for the 2001 Grammy Awards, when they won just about everything.

It had been so simple. After a brief, yet heated moment before the Pop tour, Gloria managed to get over Bono. She'd had other lovers and relationships that her time with Bono floated to the back of her mind. When she joined the Elevation tour, she had been nervous that it would all start up again. But Bono had two young sons and was completely dedicated to his family. Gloria had been happy to discover that she still loved the man Bono was even when she wasn't in love with him. They forged a strong bond that took them beyond the bedsheets. And after Bob passed, Gloria had been a rock for him and Ali. By the time she had to chase him around at the Grammys, they were more like family.

She wondered if it would ever return to that again. This time, everything went deeper. Being with Larry meant not being able to run away. Hopefully the few months apart would hit the restart button on their friendship like it did ten years ago.

She touched Win’s arm. “We should get you to your seats.”

“Thanks guys.” The journalist said, but his eyes were already searching for the next celebrity streaming down the carpet.

As Gloria led the members of Arcade Fire through the front doors, she wondered what Bono was doing at that moment.

Would Bono just be going to bed? Was he curled around Ali? Maybe he was just waking up to work with his trainer. She wondered how the first show in South Africa had gone. Later today, he would be visiting the AIDS clinic that she had helped create. They had both looked forward to seeing their project’s success. Ali would be accompanying him instead.

Shaking her head of sullen thoughts, she guided Arcade Fire to their seats in the amphitheater.



Tonight's show was simply extraordinary. The crowd’s energy was simply intoxicating. I felt that we played one of our best shows. My only complaint is not seeing you on the sides. Or even knowing you're in the back or under the stage. I miss your presence tremendously. I don't think I realize how I've come to depend on you...just being there.

Africa is alive with vibrant colours and song, and I long for you to see it. You would love its mystery and its ability to turn your head all around. Later today, I'm visiting our clinic. I hate that you won't be able to share it with me. I know you said no contact, but I'd love to tell you all about it. It's our baby and I think we’ll be pleased to see how she's grown.

Oh Glory, I miss you. I miss the nagging about time. I miss your smile. I miss your laugh, even when I am not the one to elicit it. While Africa is breathtaking and the people have been extraordinary, I feel like it's all falling apart. I'm sitting at the desk in the spare bedroom of my suite. Instead of growing closer to Ali, I feel like I'm falling from her and further into you. How is that possible when you're not here?

If I were to divorce her and if we waited - do you think we could then be together? Would you wait for me?

Bono stared at the paper in front of him. He would definitely have to tear up this letter and flush it down the loo. If Ali found it, his life would implode first, then explode and rain shrapnel everywhere. Because he meant every damn word. He and Ali had put on a very brave and convincing face while with other people. The loving couple after decades of marriage. Oh how she puts up with that Bono. He wanted someone that wanted him and his chaos - not just endure it.

It wasn't as if Ali was hostile. Maybe a little dismissive at times, in front of their friends. Was it for a laugh or to thinly vent frustration? Bono always chuckled along good-naturedly to hide the stinging. After all, he should be used to criticism and being the court jester. But her barbs felt particularly sharp lately.

Bono read over his letter one last time. As he tore his words in half, then again until it looked like tiny bits of confetti. He shuffled into the en suite bathroom and watched the paper float like snow into the toilet. He hated flushing his emotions away. He'd spent months pushing them down, stuffing them away. He swallowed words of love on a daily basis. With a heavy heart, he pressed the button and watched his letter swirl around then disappear.

He dragged his tired bones back to the bedroom and flung himself on the bed. Reaching over, he flicked the bedside light off.
I'm loving sad Bono. Not enough to hope he doesn't get what he wants in the end, though:sad:
Nice work!
sorry ive only just caught up with this!! i love it!! you really know how to write a FanFic - looking forward to Bono and Gloria's reunion :drool:
If Ali found it, his life would implode first, then explode and rain shrapnel everywhere. Because he meant every damn word.

These are my favorite lines of this chapter. Love it!
The angst is killing. I so want Bono to be happy, but at the same time I think the mental torture is necessary...there was a line in an earlier chapter, Bono said "my mind changes like the wind" or something like that....maybe he has to go through this pain to make a decision and get it set in his mind otherwise he will hurt everyone. :-(
.... And we got the concert premiere of "You're The Best Thing About Me", complete with Bono telling of a nightmare he'd had in which he woke up and the house was totally empty. When he told Ali about it, she said, "I'm not going anywhere. You're not going anywhere. And even if you were, you wouldn't be able to find the door, would you?" :love: ....

A girl can dream, can't she?

Y'all know I mean Gloria, right?

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