Mysterious Death Of US Soldier In Afghanistan

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I've always wondered what happened with this and why it has taken so long..I don't know, it all seems strange to me. If she did kill herself, then why?

Dead soldier’s kin upset with probe’s suicide conclusion
By Mike Underwood | Tuesday, June 24, 2008 | Home - | Local Coverage

A proud Quincy soldier whose death on a secure U.S. airbase in Afghanistan was shrouded in mystery took her own life, the U.S. Army investigation has found.

But Army National Guard Spc. Cpl. Ciara Durkin’s kin say in an online statement they are “very upset and saddened” by the Army’s conclusion after an “ambiguous” nine-month investigation.

Durkin, 30, was found dead near a church with a single gunshot wound to her head on the secure Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan on Sept. 28 last year.

She told her family during a trip home that she had seen something at the base that she “didn’t like” and had made her feelings known. She added that she may have upset some people and that if anything happened to her while she was deployed, they must investigate.

“The Durkin family has received the Army’s final report into Ciara’s death with their conclusion that she took her own life. We are very upset and saddened by their conclusion,” said the family in a statement on Ciara Durkin’s memorial Web site.

“We have borne an extraordinary amount of pain over the past nine months, compounded by a protracted and at times ambiguous investigation. We now need time and privacy to grieve, and let our Ciara finally rest in peace.”

Durkin was a lesbian and was engaged to be married to her longtime partner when she returned home from service in February.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command (CID) confirmed that the investigation had ended and that Durkin’s injury was “self-inflicted.”

“Special agents . . . conducted a very thorough and detailed investigation into this soldier’s death to ensure all evidence was thoroughly examined and all available leads were followed,” said Army CID spokesman Christopher Grey.

“Our agents also took into account numerous concerns and questions raised by the family before coming to their final conclusion.”

No one from the Durkin family could be reached for comment.

The statement is posted on the family’s memorial Web site CPL. Ciara M. Durkin - Home.
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