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Manu Chao

Jun 12, 2001
Montr?al, Qu?bec, Canada
The main site,, needs to be changed or at least its content. It's the same since the Grammys, the picture is the same since the dinosaurs age, as well as the mp3 of the week. News are old as well... appart from the forum and the lyrics, I don't think people would come over here. Change it and people will come on your site for other stuff..


=HJ Clandestino=

Pis si ? moins y'en avait moins de pauv' cr?tins
Pr?ts ? mourir pour la Patrie
Kalishnikov et compagnie
Pour faire rouler l'?conomie
~~Cuba clandestino, Marijuana illegal~~
meh. who cares.

this place has the forums, and they're good for that. all your news and setlists can be acquired from and

i never even go to the main interference page anymore, i have a link to the forum on my links toolbar so i always use that.
I actually memorized the address of the forum...


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