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Bonochick said:
Oh...and like a million people applied for the job, so there is no way in hell I'll even get it.
if it makes you feel better, a bunch of people applied for the job i applied for, and i was one of the finalists. it was down to me and one other person. which leads me to my rant...

i applied for a full time job at the place i've been temping at, and my mom works there too. it was called book program coordinator. essentially, i would take orders nationwide for the books sold at ducks unlimited. it involved a ton of computer work, because everything's done on the computer. processing checks and credit cards, running reports, filling orders, etc., all done on the computer. the other half is working in the mail room, shipping out the orders and making sure the right books go to the right addresses. the rest of it is just customer service, people inquiring about books, their orders, and letting me know if there was a problem with their order. it's like a one-man thing.

I DIDN'T GET THE FUCKING JOB!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

it was down to me and this one other guy, who worked in the mail room. they liked me because of my extensive knowledge and history with computers, and him because of his extensive knowledge with handling shipments and working in the mail room. they ultimately went with him because they thought it'd be easier to teach him to work a computer than to teach me to work in the mail room.

but, since everyone who works in the mail room is super nice, at least it wasn't one of the rude, snobby, nosey slackers who applied and didn't deserve it. he'll work hard. the cool thing is is that i'm like the runner-up, the vice president. you know, if the winner is unable to fulfill his or her duties, the runner-up gets to take his or her place.

so now i'm not sure what to do. i didn't get my hopes all up about it, especially because it would mean i would have to drop down to part time in college and take only online classes. so now i can possibly stick to full time college. but, i still need a job. the one i have now will be ending this week, maybe early next week at the latest. i need to find a job well paying enough to where i could afford at least $500 a month in rent (as well as chipping in for cable, utilities, etc.) and be able to pay my car insurance. GRR!!!
Another vent related to my previous one:

If you don't feel like talking to me, don't email me a fucking forward and then ignore my reply. Unless you want me to think you've become a cold-hearted person.
I hate when you look up something perfectly innocent on Google, and then get directed to some really scary porn site and all these porn sites start popping up and you can't make them go away. :scream:
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