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Jan 10, 2001
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Hello my interland friends!!!! Imagine two weeks offline, living in a new city, and knowing no one!!!!!! :scream: lol

I got in trouble at my new job for using the internet. :uhoh: So I have been forced into rehab. It is not going well. I am sitting at Chapters right now getting my fix. Albeit a really quick fix, but a fix nonetheless.

I get hooked up with highspeed on Wednesday and I plan to return with a vengance!!!

Please fill me in on all the gossip I have missed!!! Who<s dating who? lol Who married who? lol Who wants to marry who?


hi bear :sexywink:

love you all!!! miss you more!!!!!!

I was just talking with a friend last night at a party about how hard it would be to move to a city where I didn't know anyone...I don't know if I could do it or not. I guess if I had a reason to move like a job I would, but it would be scary not knowing anyone, and if the job didnt work out. And no internet? :yikes: :no: that would be worse! :lol: Glad to see you back! :wave:
Hey Angel.....

Yes, Thank God (and Not) for having Internet in MY new city. Don't know a soul here.

Since no one has picked up on the gossip thingy....
Lilly and LMPA are no longer married. Lilly started dating Chizip, who also stared dating Screaming Flower at the same time. No one seemed to mind the whole three-way deal. Pictures can be found in one of the threads.

what else? IO has been quite the bore, with some pretty lame threads. You really haven't missed much of anything. :shrug:

We all miss you though...and I think I owe you a PM!


a day later.....

Yesterday, you missed a thread about burping, breakfat lunch and dinner, smoothies (do you see a theme? I do, but I am pretty sure I do not need to know what everyone is shoving in their mouths, and then even better, what is coming out of their mouths after). You also missed a thread about Manic Street Preachers (I think I need to check these guys out....yert has good taste in music), the percentage that your PM inbox is full (I am not good about cleaning mine, obviously) and an actual random thread from Kobe (I like those threads, you are never sure what they are about, but it is all the better that way!).

That is it for now. I will update you again later this week. I will even provide some links to threads where an Angel post would/could be needed!

:hyper: I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!! :wave: Thx for the gossip Zoney!! :lol:
I am unfortunately suffering from a cold and spent the entire day in bed so my online return may have to wait until tomorrow. :|

:hug: my computer :hug:
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